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Um...this may be old news, but the 6th book comes out in July of this year...and they just showed the covers of the can go to or to see the U.S and U.K. edition covers

>>By Lita   (Wednesday, 9 Mar 2005 20:09)

Yeah, the book comes out July 16, 2005. I'm excited!

I think JKR is a genius for writing the Harry Potter series. The first time the books came out, I wouldn't read them because I thought they would be childish but I read them anyways and I loved it :)

>>By Valienc   (Saturday, 9 Apr 2005 19:29)

I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I have heard that in the next book a character dies. Just spreading the word!

>>By Andrika   (Friday, 27 May 2005 20:02)

would be weird if noone died... rowling's got to make her loss of ideas up somehow youknow...
i'm still going to read the next book but sadly i suppose... from the movies i didn't expect anything really, so i wasn't surprised at the catastrophic things but now her books are walking a road of fall too...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 7 Jun 2005 16:46)

Does anyone know when the 4th movie is out?

>>By Ethereal_Elf   (Friday, 10 Jun 2005 17:31)

The fourth movie will be coming out in November 18 2005

>>By Andrika   (Friday, 10 Jun 2005 19:39)

I love the books I think that they could be a liitle darker but oh well, kids. i brought the new one and its ok so far. woundre what shes going to do after harry potter ends?

>>By pinkit2   (Sunday, 17 Jul 2005 15:00)

hopefully she'll keep writing.

>>By bigdorkface   (Monday, 18 Jul 2005 01:23)

The 6th book sucks horrifically great writing, and everything but I'm pissed at who she kills off, I'm so frustrated I guess I just don't see the big picture man, I even cried, how sad is that?! lmao, anyways ya'll take care hopefully you've read the 6th book and can sympathise with the loss of the best character she's written yet, Shims.

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Thursday, 21 Jul 2005 22:14)

Who does she kill off in the book, Shimmerchiq? If you don't want to tell me on the message bored then send me a message to my page on Flork, if you want to. THANKS!

>>By Andrika   (Saturday, 23 Jul 2005 00:54)

Oh man shimmerchiq I so agree. I can't believe she did that. i cried forever! She's killed off two of my favorite characters now! I'm so upset!

>>By Xx0StarNoStar0xX   (Monday, 25 Jul 2005 08:08)

[spoiler]I knew all along Snape was evil, and look what happened! Dumbledore, so smart and clever in everything he does, is killed because of his own foolishness. Aw man, I was in a bad mood after I finished that book, but I still have to say it was very good.[spoiler/]

>>By Urbane   (Sunday, 31 Jul 2005 05:30)

Dammit, I forgot how to do the spoiler thingy... Ah well, just ignore my attempts at looking good there...

>>By Urbane   (Sunday, 31 Jul 2005 05:31)

YES......i was very sad....she killed a key character without much ceremony.....or a lot of ceremony I don't know any more....
but it was the only way for the reader to believe her next book....
very acceptable clinche....
Adults-I have a theory....about our dear J.K.
I love her and if I won the lottery I would give her a million more.....but I believe she is padding her books out with things to be noticed in the future,,,,she is doing the reflexsive writer thing....
she's made the squillions which I think is just wonderful to see a writer do...
but she wants to be remembered now and she is really trying to write for lit or for anthro
the lucky potion just keeps sticking out in my head
whats a major phenonemon which is going on..
everything is good all right....a pill you can take.........
easy peesy
this will seem like a septic blog
she's pretty cool thats all I have to say
and writing her way into history

love the b.w

>>By iwishiwereabondgirl   (Sunday, 31 Jul 2005 13:11)

Am I the only one who hates lavender with a fiery passion? Yeah? ASlright then. Oh yes, and I cried too. I was very sad. I shall forever miss dumbledor's special way of hitting the dursleys over the head with mugs of mead. I shall also miss his unique way of giving alcohol to undeage wizards who, and I quote, "enjoyed it immencly"

Remember kids, if you ever have two friends that are grtting together, just see what happend under he influence of butterbeer in the semi dark. It worked for me.... seriously.... I was scared.... And sad because I am in love with the guy who was involved but whatever. Why am I telling you people this? I shouldnt do things at 1 in the morning anymore... It does bad things to my brain

>>By Megano   (Sunday, 7 Aug 2005 09:49)

I don't like Lavender much either, and so I found it absolutely hilarious when he accidentally drank that love potion and ignored her to go see Romilda Vane...

>>By Urbane   (Wednesday, 10 Aug 2005 17:35)

I would like to point out to you all why she killed him off, as a writier a god of her characters she knows them better then anyone else there for if you read the book again you would see that he had showed harry everything he could harry no longer needed him so nighter did she. its very cleaver.

>>By pinkit2   (Wednesday, 31 Aug 2005 17:57)

Pinkit2 I respect your opinion, but I do not have to agree with it. She might as well killed him off with Harry's parents in that case, and that is my opinion. I thought it completely horrible that she would let go of yet another main, "important to many readers" character. He was unlike anyone in the entire series, he had such a way of being like Harry's gaurdian, and now it's forcing Harry to only depend upon himself, else that "guy" with those innitials on that paper that found the horcrux faster that Dumbledore and Harry did, becomes Harry's guide, it's just going to be tragic. However the thing I think that she might think of doing as to explain Sirius, Dumbledore, Harry's parents, and grandparents. I seriously think she might kill Harry off himself, and show the other world of where the wizards go after dying, I really think she might. Anyways, I guess thats my spill, I really think she should have kept him, I just miss him, thats all. -Shims

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Monday, 12 Sep 2005 06:27)

So wht do u guys think the rest the next book will be about. (i refuse to call it the last i do not believe it is) I think Ginny is going with or she'll put harry and ron and Hermonie in a lot of pain fif she isnt aloud to go with. Thats my own opinion on the next book. and fo r sure Lupin and Tonks are getting married. I cant stand who she killed off but i understand the point of y she killed him. It needed a dramatic ending and it got a dramatic ending no one could predict. well i might be back just to see your opinions.

>>By digger   (Wednesday, 14 Sep 2005 02:32)

I've read the first four of her Harry Potter books and was so enthralled that i gave them to a friend to pass on so others could enjoy. That was a nice thing to do but, damn it, I regret that action, lol. I haven't yet had the chance to get her other books in the series and would love to have had the first four to go back through because i've lost the flow for the story :(

If anyone wishes to be nice like I was and give MEEEE their first four books, I'd love you to death :)

Marc M

>>By broken sneakers   (Thursday, 15 Sep 2005 01:54)

Plus, Dumbledore was absolutely hilarious when dealing with people such as Harry's uncle and aunt, Cornelius Fudge or Voldemort... His way of talking is just so funny... I think Dumbledore should have stayed, but Snape should have died or something. I hate Snape so much, now.

>>By Urbane   (Friday, 16 Sep 2005 02:26)

FICTION AL CHARACHTER ALERT! Remember all, snape is not real. Nor is dumbledore. Dumbledore is not really dead since he never really lived.SNape could not have killed him. Also, to all possible fangirls out there, harry potter is fictional as well, he cannot, and even if he could, would never, procreate with you. Thankyou and goodnight

>>By Megano   (Saturday, 26 Nov 2005 10:19)

I wanna know who all thinks that she'll kill harry in the last book??...has n e one seen the movie??

>>By Chelle   (Sunday, 27 Nov 2005 06:59)

Megano you really don't understand what real fans feel, do you? Of course Snape and Dumbledore do not exist, but, for those who read J.K.'s books with passion, it is as if they do. Anyway, I was also very sad when Dumbledore died, for it was such a great character. And I got the feeling that the seventh book will be even more sad, for the author said that more characteres will die : ( Do you think Harry will die?

>>By moonflower   (Saturday, 3 Dec 2005 18:08)

their being fictional does not prevent us to sympathise with "what the caracters stand for" for each of us they mean different things (or mean different people in some ways) and the appeal of literature is that it gives you a sense of connection, i think that also what makes Rowling's books such fun to read.

>>By papatya   (Monday, 5 Dec 2005 19:42)

To Megano: Reading is like looking through a window into an alternate universe. Things that happen in that world don't exist in our world, but we can still relate to them and react to them as if they did. It is possible to love characters that do not exist. It is simply part of the imagination as opposed to something that is tangible.'s my theory: the seventh book will be titled "Lord Voldemort and the Hostile Takeover," and the first chapter will be about Harry's search for Voldemort. In the second chapter, they will duel, and Harry will die. The rest of the book will then just detail the world's disintegration into Voldemort's empire.

(And for those of you who think I'm being deadly serious - and someone will - don't flame me. That was supposed to be a JOKE.)

>>By artificial_stupidity   (Wednesday, 7 Dec 2005 21:13)

I hate that she killed Dumbledore, I wouldn't be surprised if some mad person tries to assassinate her after the seventh book is realeased lol

>>By lost_girl2004   (Wednesday, 4 Jan 2006 14:00)

Ok, I've been gone for quite a while, but I have QUITE a lot to say. JUST FYI THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS AND PLOT VARIATIONS. I believe if my memory serves me right, jsut a few weeks ago, JK said there will be two, count them, not one but two deaths in the 7th book. And also states that she will make it so no other HP books can be written after the 7th book. I do believe my assumtions were correct. Harry will die. I'm not sure of the second person, but so far everyone that has died has been someone close to Harry that Harry loves very much, which I think the second person could be Ginny Weasley. SNAPE ISN'T EVIL. You remember that part where Harry is frozen, Dumbledore did that because Dubledore knew what had to happen. Remember Dumbledore can do magic even without a wand, yes he's THAT powerful. At some point Dumbledore says something like "Please Severus, please." Dumbledore knew Snape made the unbreakable vow, and knew that Snape had to help save Malfoy. I keep having these new revelations cause I keep re-readingthe books. If you go back and read you see little suttle hints of everything that's going to happen. Dumbledore was asking Snape to kill him. Yes if you read my other dialogues I believe JK shouldn't have killed Dumbledore and I still think that. However, Voldemort finds Dumbledore more of a challenge than Harry, and for that reason alone I believe she had to get rid of Dumbledore. Because is HAS to be Harry vs. Voldemort. Now RAB, that is Regulus A Black, Sirius older brother. And now we know most of the Horcrux's. Slythrins Locket (not yet deystroyed, remember Katie Bell), Helga Hufflepuff's Goblet (deystroyed by RAB), Voldemort's Diary proving him the heir of Slythrin (deystroyed by Harry Potter), and Miflin (or w/e his name was) ring (Deystroyed by Dumbledore). Now Dumbledore believes that the first of the last two is either Griffindors or Ravenclaws, and the second was supposed to be something else when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, but obviously it went wrong, and so he decided after to make the last horcrux Nagini, the snake, because Voldemort has a very odd command over Nagini. Which Harry askes when Dumbledore states this, "You can make a living thing a horcrux?" At which Dumbledore states, "Yes but it is highly un advised." Now this is completely unbelievable by most and sometimes even me, but I think that possibly Harry could be the last Horcrux, by accident. And now I'm making a very bold guess, and I'm almost sure it's not true, but I just have to state it. Anyways well this is getting quite long and I have A LOT of different guesses and theories about what is going to happen, but I think I will leave them for another time. I hope you've all enjoyed the ride, take care. -The Shimilizer- *rawr*

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Sunday, 9 Jul 2006 19:34)

the reading hurt my eyes, so i gave up, but yeah! So, who thinks harrys going to die at the end? neone? No wait, just read, shimmerchiqs last thing, thats deep mate, thats noice. but yeah! Whos gonna win, harry or Voldemort? And which one of the weasleys will die in the 7th, i reckon one of em is in for it, JKs always semi mean about them in the details.... opinions ppl?

>>By k8 T Pie   (Thursday, 13 Jul 2006 00:37)

Like I said before Ginny is gonna die, cause it just seem's that everyone Harry loves always dies, and Ginny is his new found love so I think they'll go together. I'm not saying I want Harry or Ginny dead, I just think it will happen. I also think Voldemort will loose, Harrys gonna take him out but he's also gonna die with him.

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Thursday, 13 Jul 2006 15:05)

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