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I was brought up knowing santa wasn't real.
And I always knew that mum and dad were the ones putting coins under my pillow when I lost a tooth.
The truth is, parents lie to their children, and isn't lying a sin?
That's beside the point. All books are an escape from reality.
I read because I enjoy the feeling of being whisked off to a new place, with new people to read about. It's better than watching a movie because it's the descriptive language of the book and your imagination that bring it to life.
All I'm saying is that Harry Potter is not the best series ever written.

>>By just_slightly_insane   (Monday, 26 Jan 2004 15:48)

no one ever said they were the best series written....harry potter is just really good books that let you escape the real world and let your problems drift away....when i read harry potter i leave myself behind and pretend im part of it....sounds korny but its true

>>By Jackthepumpkinking   (Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004 05:03)

hey hey evryone!!
i love j.k. rowling 2!! she rox my sox!! lol!! just kidding!! newayz i am writing this in 2004, so i already read da 5th book...and i think it rox...even tho harry is being kind of stupid!! newayz i feel really sry for ppl hu dont read them...actually my friend he cant read them cuz his dad thinkz they arent he goes to the library n reads them!! well i have talked way 2 much..bye!!

>>By Dijah228   (Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004 00:03)

Oh dear, it seems the point has been most ruefully missed.
I intended no attack upon literature or the benefits involved in escapism through fiction.
My point was that the books are a pale, patchworked reflection of their predecessors in the genre.

The argument that these books have got people reading is quite lamentable as well - look at WHAT they're reading! The fact that people are reading holds no merit in and of itself. The merit lies entirely on the quality of what is being read and what can be gained through the reading. The Harry Potter series can only grant it's readers the most basic and diluted lessons, far less than a series of it's hype should be capable of supply.

>>By GothicDreams   (Thursday, 29 Jan 2004 18:08)

does anyone know when the next book is coming out??

>>By Jackthepumpkinking   (Tuesday, 10 Feb 2004 12:01)

gothicdreams, the books arent meant for 23 year olds, they are meant for ten year olds.

>>By scooby doo   (Tuesday, 10 Feb 2004 12:26)

True, but why have they then published 'adult' cover versions.
Also my argument is as valid for a ten year-old as for a teenager or and adult.

>>By GothicDreams   (Thursday, 12 Feb 2004 16:46)

does it matter if you like the books or not if you don't then why come in here and talk....just to have everyone gang up on you because you don't like the books??

>>By Jackthepumpkinking   (Saturday, 14 Feb 2004 20:39)

At least these books enabled a generation of kids and adults alike to start reading again. I must admit Chronicles of Narnia are still etched in my imagination. However, these days the whole thing gets blown away by the overated sales of toys, legos and those irratating cards. Put the whole lot on some bonfire and just enjoy the reading. That is after all why J.K. Rowling wrote the book. I do have a confession though; I think the films are wonderful in the art of escapism. BUT EVERYONE THERE ARE OTHER BOOKS TO BE ENJOYED, Don't be lulled into a false sense of security and be like my friend who could only talk about Enid Blyton. Go on be adventurous with your reading , only if it is to compare others with Harry Potter.

>>By hiflydi   (Thursday, 19 Feb 2004 15:12)

When I first read the book #1 I was of the same opinion as GothicDreams here: it's pale, it's predictable, the characters are poorly developed, and the book is all in all pointless. I changed my opinion, however: as I read on (I dared contionue only 3 years later or something when I was terribly bored), I saw that the characters got deeper and deeper, and now, in the last book, they are a real realistic bunch of irritating teenagers (and I simply love it!). The plots are less banal, also, and from time to time there is a personal drama there too...

No, not that bad at all. I've read them all, and they are fun... I enjoyed them absolutely. Only, I don't think it's the best series there ever was, and I don't like to see my best friends 14 y old cousin reading only Harry Potter... there are so many good books in the world... and, basically, what hiflydi said :)

>>By Dieda   (Thursday, 26 Feb 2004 01:56)

I adore those books! I dream of them-- dream of a world beyond my eyes, my senses... Oh, how I long to wake up one morning in my four post bed in Gryffindor tower, my wand made of splintered cedar clutched to my chest, contemplating whether to prank the substitute teacher that day or ditch and go hunt Leprechauns in the forbidden forest (at least I hope to find Leprechauns there....)

I'm such a silly girl!

But how I wish, oh, how I wish...


>>By Lady-frenzy   (Tuesday, 16 Mar 2004 08:44)

I heard that the next book won't be out until summer of 2006. :P

>>By Dare   (Tuesday, 16 Mar 2004 17:33)

I love the books. I hope the next one comes out before 2006.I can't wait for the next book.

I also recommend the seventh tower books,books by Margaret Peterson Haddix,Tamora Pierce, Gail Carson Levine, and Patricia C. Wrede.

>>By BloodRayne   (Wednesday, 31 Mar 2004 01:40)


>>By amelia06   (Thursday, 1 Apr 2004 01:08)

i love the fifth book .......... it is definetly the best so far !!!!!!!! and the way they pull you inside the book like you are floating there ... like a silent ghost watching over it all ................. it's just fantastic

>>By hate me softly   (Thursday, 1 Apr 2004 18:12)

i love the yhe 3rd book the best . it just makes feel a live somehow.

>>By amelia06   (Friday, 2 Apr 2004 23:52)

The 3rd year is the best!!

>>By BloodRayne   (Friday, 2 Apr 2004 23:54)

It's funny how some books can grab hold and not let go. I have read all of my favorite books (and there are a lot of them) many times, but none have I reread within such a short time frame. Every year, though I know the plot off by heart, I am compelled to step into the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.
What would it be like to have such a gift, to be able to create such a world???
I am jealous of those who have yet to read the HP books, because they will get to read them for the first time and I will never get to do that again.

>>By Celtgal   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 23:14)

I love Harry Potter! Theyre my favorite books! I like the 5. best of them all. Harry Potter is bewitching! (Is there such a word in English?) Hermione is my fave character! Anybody whod like to discuss HP?

>>By Faith   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 11:36)

I like HP 2 my favorite 1 is the third one but ireally like the 5th one 2!
Do u no anything about hte next book?

>>By Daine   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 14:06)

oh yah and me fav people r Fed and George!

>>By Daine   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 14:07)

my favorite person in the series WAS Sirius, i also like Fred and George.

>>By BloodRayne   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 08:25)

It was sad when Sirius died, sure. But sadder was the effect it had on Harry... I bawled like an ickle- baby when I read it.

Oh yeah, Snape deserved everything James and Sirius did! To hate an orphaned abused child because his dead Father picked on you in school???

>>By Celtgal   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 19:19)

One more thing-
jerks like Umbridge and Fudge should get theirs- can you say Crucio?

>>By Celtgal   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 19:22)

do u know that some one reads this and the have not readed the 5th and don't sirius died ????????????

>>By amelia06   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 22:11)

When I haven't read something that I am looking forward to reading I make every attempt to shield myself from unwanted information. For example I would not go on a website that DISCUSSES said book and be upset that it was spoiled.

>>By Celtgal   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 21:36)

i agree with celtgal that if you r going to read a book and you don't want it spoiled than you should not go on web sites were they discusse that book.
i realy like the way j.k.rowling writes, she makes you feel like you are in the book(kind of like in the third book were harry go's in to the dairy and he's there watching what happens around him).
sorry i'm rambling.

>>By BloodRayne   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 02:28)

I think Celtgirl has a point there. About Snape, that is. Hard as I try, I can't make myself sorry for him, having in mind what he did to Harry, and also the events from the third book, when he was so unwilling to listen to reason - he only though on his own revenge over Sirius... Yes, he deserved what he got from James and Sirius - maybe not at that time, but later for sure... You can argue that he became what he did because he was picked on in school, but I don't think thatholds water. Why would people like James and Sirius pick on someone that is completely okay? We haven't met James, but we know Sirius pretty well. He is sometimes irrational or led by emotions, but he is not cruel or unjust - and I don't think he was so at 15 either...

>>By Dieda   (Wednesday, 5 May 2004 11:30)

You are so right Dieda!
Snape was into dark arts in school and like Sirius told Harry, if there was one thing James hated it was the dark arts!
So what if Snape eventually turned his back on Voldemort, he had to have turned to him initially to be able to turn away.

Does anyone know if Malfoy and his lot are returning to Hogwarts?

>>By Celtgal   (Friday, 7 May 2004 00:00)

i loev them
i love them all
i cant wait to see the third film
have read all books and am waiting intentively on the sixth
go jk u rule!!

>>By giggles   (Monday, 24 May 2004 22:31)

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