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I'm very dissappointed in the third movie. It definatly made the books seem stupid.

Anyways Sirius was my favorite character. I hope they find a way to bring him back because he was a terrible loss. If the 6th book comes out 2006 I will be really pissed off. I can't wait that long without Harry Potter!

>>By Xx0StarNoStar0xX   (Saturday, 5 Jun 2004 21:48)

You've watched the 3rd movie? it hasn't even come out in Oz yet.

>>By Overlyobsessed   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 08:40)

its out in the US but i havent been to see it yet...and I wonder when the next book comes out...hmmm...I didnt really like the 5th book all that much...Harry seemed really angry all the time...but then again...I dont blame him I guess...Sirus was my Fav. character too...I was so pissed when i read that he had died...

>>By Brokendreams   (Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 01:05)

Yeah JK hurry up and write!

Question? Was it just my imagination or did they not hint that Kreacher might be drugging Sirius? Cause they mentioned that potion that makes you rash and agressive but never folowed up on it...Or did I miss something?

>>By Celtgal   (Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 16:35)

I agree with StarNoStar the movie sucked they left out alot of parts and what is this about dementors flying they hover they don't fly plus I pictured Sirus being cute.

I didn't like it when Sirus died in the order of the phoenix, but I can't wait tell the next book,

>>By swimgurl   (Sunday, 27 Jun 2004 04:05)

i think that the film was really bad compared to the book!!! i thought that harry's dad was supposed to have black hair not mousy blonde! and serius and lupin are really cool in the books but in the films they look really gay!

>>By beloved   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 17:45)

when does the next book come out?

>>By beloved   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 17:46)

Hi everyone... I loved the Harry Potter Books aswell and Sirius was my favorite character, and i was soooo disappointed when he died in book 5. there wouldnt be any chance of him being alive after all, would there?

It was such a shame. And yeah i wouldve thought sirius and lupin would be better looking than their characters in the movie.

>>By Sween99   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 11:55)

these are some pretty awesome books she has created! I dont think Sirius is dead he jus fell into a portal and will be back. It didnt say he died, it said he was gone. She does this on purpose! And by the way Emma watson is gonna be a dime piece when she is a lttle older(she already is but she's young, ;D ) Later yall

>>By millerdog088   (Monday, 23 Aug 2004 00:12)

The books were amazing .does anyone know when the 6th ones coming out?The films are such shit though.

>>By butters   (Monday, 6 Sep 2004 21:02)

I enjoyed the first film immensely. Chris Colombus did a great job bringing the book to the screen. The film was the impetus for my reading the first book (I had seen them at Costco and had gotten the notion that they were more juvinile crap.) Since then I have become an avid potterhead and JKR addict. I usually read F&SF, Sword & Sorcery , and hard science.

The second movie was also very good. The third movie sucked hard vaccuum! My wife and I were so hyped to see the movie when it was released that we found tickets on e-bay for a pre-release screening! And my wife saved me a spot (in the first 10) in line waiting all afternoon for the premiere IMAX screening! It wasn't any better the second time! That said, I hope the fourth movie isn't so badly mangled- it needs to be about 5 hours-with intermission.

I have read some people making really unrealistic claims about how bad, & how predictable, & this & that... Guys: its a children's fantasy book! It may not be Tolkien, May, or Schmitz (I'm convinced that Lucas lifted the idea for Star Wars from his books) , but its a great read! To make a series of books that are 500-800 pages long each, be completely origional, unpredictable, and perfectly prosaic- is more than one could expect even from Chaucer (ancient relative) or Shakespeare! Suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride- they're just books!

>>By AbyssAngyl   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 06:18)

I really love Harry Potter
I think that the 6th book will be fantastic
The movies are good too except that they forgot peeves

>>By Beroan   (Friday, 10 Sep 2004 02:39)

I'm beginning to think that editors are too scared to edit her books now and as a result they're getting long and a bit tiresome...I still enjoy them but I think sometimes she overwrites?

>>By madamecoffee   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 02:57)

The 5th book sounded like J.K. Rowling was rushed. She did not put as much thought into the 5th book as she did with the first few books. It seemed to me that trying to be a writer, help on the Harry Potter sets, and manage the life of being rich, needs to be more organized, for she should not try to do so many things so she "forgets" important aspects. She needs to take a break from the set and sit down and finish ( If she has even started it) the 6th book. I know she wants the movies to turn out like she had in mind, but you can only do so many things in so little time.

>>By Ethereal_Elf   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 03:29)

I thought the first and second movie were rubbish, but I loved the third!
I liked the 5. book, the DA is so cool!!!
Does anyone know when the 6. book is released?

>>By Alanna Skovsang   (Wednesday, 29 Sep 2004 19:46)

I am so mad that they left out peeves. He was my favorite charachter. My favorit part of the 5th book (appart from when Harry was PMSing at Dumbledor at the end TeeHee) was when mcGonagall told Peeves that the chandellier untwisted the other way. McGonagall definately got cooler in the 5th book. Am I alone in thinking this people?

>>By Megano   (Thursday, 30 Sep 2004 01:49)

I am currently just beginning the Harry Potter saga....having put up considerable resistance for some time....but I was assured that the themes get complex, subtle, dark & serious by about the 3rd mentioned I am just in the 1st book at the is entertaining....the chapter so far that I enjoyed the most.....was the one dealing the Mirror of Erised...that was brilliant!
I am expecting to see some serious alchemical developement within the 2nd book....and certainly by no later that the several super-psyched-fans have assured me that is going to be the case.

>>By satorotas   (Friday, 1 Oct 2004 01:25)

Most certinly, but if I were you I wouldn't read to much on the net until you get to the end of book five and I know everyone will agree. Unless you've already heard too much, in which case do try and forget, it makes things more interesting.

I don't think anyone needs to see any more than the MILLIONS of hits you get when you type Harry Potter into a search engine, to know how prolific the books are. I think that every skeptic I've met ends up totally immersed by the third book, so bare with it until then! Another thing that makes the books a little more interesting is to buy books like "New Clues to Book Five" by Galadriel Waters, which gives you some cryptic clues, and then sends you in search of their meanings.

Well I hope you enjoy Harry Potter and become a dedicated fan, there can never be too many!

>>By CheshireBat   (Sunday, 3 Oct 2004 06:00)

Hello to You, CheshireBat!
and other Potter fans too!!
I finished the first book this past weekend....and am proceeding at a good pace into the Secret Chamber book....This one will go a bit faster than the first (re: my actual log-time reading) because I do want to move forward into the 3rd Book with promptness. I think the people that "plugged"/promoted the Potter books to me were discreet and did not tell me more than I need to know for my enjoyment.....[and of course I want indicate here exactly what they did tell me so I want reveal too much too soon to other first-time folks here].
Shalll get back to Y'all when I start the 3rd Book with an update.....anyway.....You do have some idea what I am looking for.....some serious metaphysico-philosophico-alchemical themes.....I shall reserve judgement about these matters though until I have read at least 3 books in the series.
I remain --- Your Friend in Letters ---- Sator

>>By satorotas   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 00:47)

Ms Rowling's books are awesome, but they were ruined by the movies, I hope they don't screw up other books with those terrible money making movies, they really blew.

>>By raspberry_juice   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 01:20)

I do like the books but i would like to add something.... JK Rowlings stories are sooooooooooooo not origional. The plot is semi original but this book has many similarities with my bible (the lord of the rings, not the actual bible) here are similarities a) Aragog=shelob a giant spider from the LOTR b) Dementoes=Nazgul the ring hunters c) Voldie is trying to regain his physical form= Sauron is trying to regain his physical form d) Fudge (who is a very bad minister of magig) = Lotho Sackville-baggins (who is a very bad mayor of Hobbiton)

R\Must i really go on people? I do like these books but it bothers me when people claim that Rowlings work is original and that no other author compares to her.

P.S. I like the books but i hate JK Rowling tata folks!

>>By Megano   (Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 20:22)

I've got a question. why was the set changed in the 3rd movie...the whomping willow or whateva it is was in a different spot so was Hagrids house...???

>>By madamecoffee   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 11:22)

Doesn't anyone think this woman makes much more money than her okayish books justify. I stopped reading after the 4th one because they were all so similar. Phillip Pullman is an awful lot better.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 23:38)

I agree with Flagg. I am ok with the fourth book but fifth book was definitely a no-plot story purposely to be lengthened to the size of a bible. I don't expect much from the "Half Blood Prince". (She has her new born son too, so, she probably wouldn't be entirely devoted.)

I think that since book 5 the books are no longer written with that originality and creativity when she was that ordinary women living poverty. To me, it feels like she is trying to refind that feeling, that inspiration, but can't find it. She replaces it with random ideas that she *think* she could have had if she wrote this book 7 years ago.

The fifth book has just about as many things going on as Philosopher's Stone. Only this time the Publishers didn't tell her to shorten it. You can feel how the climax goes through quickly, smoothly and crisply in the first book. Not in the 5th.

>>By Cedrlc2   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 23:57)

I am very envious of her talent!!! I agree with the fact that the 3rd movie was not done as well as the previous 2!!! The others follwed the books...this one totally screwed it up!!!! I hate that!! I also think JK should write prequels...I want to know all about James Lilly Sirrus Lupin ect..before Harry..I want their lives up to the attack on James adn Lilly by Voldermort or as I like to refer to him as Tom (just like Dumboldore)...what does everyone else think???

>>By Sunshine8   (Wednesday, 24 Nov 2004 21:58)

I also have to agree that i can't believe they left out peeves AND Cho Chang!!! they hae to introduce her in the 4th movie, or the people who do not read the books and only watch the movies will think harry is a weirdo..and plus reading how he and ron inturpret the way girls think and then having hermonie tell them how it really is, is hysterical!!!

>>By Sunshine8   (Friday, 26 Nov 2004 13:50)

Ok well first of all, I have to disagree with a lot of you, GET THE 3rd Harry Potter D.V.D. and see what J.K. Rowling says about it. She had a LOT of influence in the movie, besides there are a LOT of deleted scenes that ceom from the book that give us (all the book fanatics) what we REALLY want!! I thought that the 3rd movie was awesome, yeah I'm pissed they left out peeves, and I know that a lot of people didn't picture Lupin or Sirius that way, but look at this point of view, Sirius JUST got out of Azkaban he's supposed to look like crap. Also, Sirius will be back, in an interview with J.K. Rowling in the movie clips she says that in the movie the new director, btw who is one of the most respected directors in Hollywood next to Steven Speilberg, she says that they said and did things that pre-luded to the 6th and 7th book without EVEN knowing it. I for one think the part where Hermione and Harry saved Buckbeak and Sirius and Harry is and Sirius are talking, and Sirius says "The only we truly love us never really leave us, and he puts his hand on harry's heart, and says They're always right here with us." I think those are one of the lines that J.K. was talking about. Besides in the 3rd movie I LOVED the COMEDY, like the tree, MAN it was jsut SO great. Anyways, I know they'll put Cho in she can't just be nowhere, also the new director want the movies to be as close to the books as possible, that's why they have J.K. Rowling on the set telling them the way she see's it, and what needs to change and so on. Also for the fourth film it is rumored that the movie will be 2 hours, then a intermission, and another two hours. They're not going to cut out all the Quidditch scenes like most rumors have it, just a little FYI. Good Day!! =) -Shimmy

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Tuesday, 30 Nov 2004 16:34)

sorry a few miss-types in my previous message "The ones who truly love us never really leave us" thanks, Shimmy.

>>By Shimmerchiq   (Tuesday, 30 Nov 2004 16:36)

On the third movie, did anyone besides me notice that the statues in the courtyard were of and eagle eating a snake? If people did not know that, it is the Mexican symbol on their flag. The director is Mexican and wanted to put that in there.
But honastly they should of kept the props and sets the same. They were just fine how they were. Plus for Hagrids hut they had to go to scotland. I know the senery was great but the place they put his hut....

>>By Ethereal_Elf   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 20:39)

i hate her books. all of them are horrible writing

>>By Thallium   (Monday, 6 Dec 2004 15:55)

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