Wulf Zendik


This book kicks ass! I've never read a more intensely personal account of what it's like to challenge the establishment and the problems of love and sex and pursuing Life - and the way he can pin down how full of shit and lonely people are and how society is all about chasing symbols (like money) instead of LIVING is just so right on. I love this book!


>>By kevin stockard   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 05:36)

Rehashed Aquarian ideals. Any guy who states "i am the first man to see Truth" is full of it, himself and otherwise empty. Bah.

>>By William   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 04:24)

From that comment I would guess that "William" hasn't actually read the book. I've only read about two thirds of the chapters so far (it's been a lot of fun to read them out of order because they aren't set up like a linear story - more like a collection of theme-based talks with the world at large. Calvin Trillin tries and fails to do what Zendik does in this book, which is reveal himself and make you think about yourself) but I can already tell that this is a great piece of work, and I'd love to know if there's any other of his books available. There's a list in the back of this copy but I can't find them when I search the web. Anybody have any clue where I can get hold of some?


>>By mitchell furman   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 20:24)

I knew Wulf, I even lived with the Zendiks , now they stop smoking dope and dropping
acid so what good are they as artist ? I liked Wulf but some of his cronies have heads
stuck where the sun dont shine.and there not gonna save a cock roach let alone the
planet , so much for Topangaism. The worlds fucked up but these folks are just oppurtonist .Frank Zappa put them in their place back in 1984 in a interveiw with Chen
a so called journalist for their so called magazine. Mitch thats www.zendik.org ,the FZ
interveiw was my idea .

>>By Lone Zendik@hotmail   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 21:54)

"A Quest Among the Bewildered" is one of the best books I've ever read, not least because of how honest Zendik is about his life, sex, and his desire to have absolute honesty in his relationships. The times he spent in Paris with Ginsberg and Henry Miller and all those Beat artists seem to have helped him figure out how to succeed in living a life that went somewhere important, as opposed to becoming legendarily debauched and miserable.
As for what good are they as artists, have you looked at the website you told mitch about? It's packed with far out art - most of it striking, and the photos of the people and the farm itself where they do this art makes me wanna move there! Seems like getting off the drugs is working for them! Don't get me wrong - I believe there's a place for acid and pot in finding out about life and consciousness. Wulf Zendik's writing and philosophy make a lot of sense to me - the world is pretty fucked up and what they're doing seems to be helping, though i can understand your cynicism. At least they're talking about doing something to turn around all the shit going down - you're just a cranky old fart.

>>By lisamac   (Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003 05:39)

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