Val Mcdermid


Please tell me I am not the only person here who loves McDermid???? Well since I seem to be, I'll just write to myself. She kicks ass- Her sicko perps, Her wonderfully flawed heros, The ambitious boys at the top....
Of course you can't read these books without a strong stomach - The first novel that I read (The Last Temptation) almost had me putting it down for good after the first few disturbing chapters, but I stuck with it and instead of being furthur repelled I was irresistably drawn deep into the lives of Carol Jordon and Tony Hill... Now I am devouring her careers work at record pace.
Just one question- Why is Tony Hill painted as the main character on all the book jackets when he so clearly shares the limelight with DC Jordon????

>>By Celtgal   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 23:58)

Well I may have a clue as to why I am the only one here. I just ordered and read the very hard to find (in Canada anyhow) Lindsey Gordon series. Suck much? Very dry, very preachy, very boring. OK so your leads a gay socialist- got it. You dont have to preach about it every other page! It's a good thing I didn't read these books first or I never would have read her other works.... I dont know if I dare buy the Kate Brannigan series....if anyone has any reviews about the series I would love to hear it.

>>By Celtgal   (Friday, 28 Jan 2005 00:02)

i read a book by val but im not convinced I liked it. It was caled the distant echo and it was obvious from about halfway through that inspector littleton (was that his name) was the baddy

>>By Crazybeth   (Monday, 5 Sep 2005 19:17)

wire in the blood is now a tv series did you know, and that is quite good

>>By Crazybeth   (Monday, 5 Sep 2005 19:17)

Just sent for one of her books as I have been watching the Robson Green series and the three part special that was on here this month, any sudgestions to which book to start with

>>By BookWormGeek   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2008 17:16)

Mcdermid is a favourite of mine. I have read all the Tony Hill/ Carol Jordan series and each one is better than the one before. The last one, The Fever of the Bone, was so difficult to find, but it was worth the trouble. I enjoyed it more than all the others. Tony Hill is kind of an refreshing character to me, as a psychologist under the thumb of his mother. In Fever, he comes into his own and his story is separate from Jordan's for most of the book. In Mcdermid's books, it isn't
important to me to guess who the killer is. I am more interested in the action of Jordan and gang. I sincerely hope that Fever wasn't the last of this series.
Here in western Canada, we didn't get the TV series, "Wire in the Blood." I can't say enough good things about the books, though.

>>By mittz   (Saturday, 27 Feb 2010 21:25)

I could not get into the fever of the bone at all, tried several times and gave up. I love all the other tony hill books, but dislike her other books. Should I keep going with this book mittz??

>>By Ctina   (Monday, 1 Mar 2010 19:32)

Ctina....Fever is all about Tony coming to grips with the father who he felt had abandoned him. I think the fact that Tony andd Carol are separate for most of the book
makes it more difficult for readers who enjoy their relationship. I sure hope you do finish the book, though. I guess I have a soft spot for Tony and enjoyed the fact that he finally seems to be happy with himself.

I'd enjoy discussing any of your favourite thrillers and would like to exchange thoughts on any authors.

>>By mittz   (Friday, 19 Mar 2010 09:06)

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