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Hello to everybody, i am from Argentina. I have tree books of Trevanian and i love him (shibumi was the first i read, second The Eiger Sanction, and finally The Loo Sanction) i´m really facinated with this writter, as everybody knows, because of the economic situation of my country it´s impossible to me to buy a book in dollars or by the net, so my question is....Do you know somebody who like him, actually living here and is able to sell me another book?
Thanks and Cheers,


>>By Hana_Hel   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 00:24)

I've visited most of the Basque Villages in Trevanian's novels -- primarily those mentioned in Shibumi and the Summer of Katya.

A few tips for those who wish to embark on a tour of this nature:

I'd stay on the Spanish side of the Basque region, primarily because prices are lower than in France, the food heaps more delicious (spanish-basque cuisine is all the rage these days), and the nightlife, undoubtedly, more colourful. I'd choose the elegant seaside resort of San Sebastian (Donosti) in Spain as my base. It's an absolutely lovely town skirting a conch-shaped bay punctuated by an islet in the centre. San Sebastian functions as the surf capital of Spain as well. It's about 15 minutes from the Spanish-French border. And Biarrtiz is about 20 minutes away by car.

You will need a car to see all the villages. San Sebastian is a tourist town so rental cars and accommodations fitting all budgets are readily available.

I followed Hana's path to Etchebar (Mauleon, Lichans etc). Also had the finest grilled sardines at the Gnome's bastion, St. Jean de Luz (Le Grillerie restaurant).

With regard to the Summer of Katya, Jean Marc Montjean's village is Salies-les-bains. In reality, it's a tiny picturesque village called Salies de Bearn.

Here are some photos of Salies de Bearn:

Jean Marc and the Treville family also venture off to a town purportedly called "Alos" where the festival of the drowned Virgin is celebrated. In reality, the village Trevanian makes mention of is not Alos but a bearnaise town 15 minutes from Salies called Sauveterre de Bearn. The bridge where the so-called "drowned Virgin" was thrown off of still exists to this day.

Here are some photos of Sauveterre de Bearn (and the said bridge):

(the real "Alos" is, in fact, a tiny hilltop village above Abense de Haut, another Trevanian basque village).

As for Shibumi, you should easily find the gnome's Village, St. Jean de well as the legendary Etchebar on the net. You can pretty much see all the Shibumi and Summer of Katya towns in one day.


>>By boybastos   (Thursday, 10 Jun 2004 03:56)

hey boybastos, youre a filipino right?

>>By bjorn   (Saturday, 14 Aug 2004 03:54)


you may email me at:

cheers bjorn

>>By boybastos   (Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 05:48)

Hello fellow Trevanian fans. It really pays to read Shibumi every five years or so for a little attitude adjustment. I started flipping through my copy of the book last night after stumbling across it while looking for something else. My town (Orlando) is all caught up in hurricane madness, with people running around in circles trying to buy generators and the news channels full of overblown hype. The whole town is practically shut down and the storm is still 36 hours from making landfall! Those will be long 36 hours for people who choose to sit around watching Channel 2. Yesterday I was all caught up in the anxiety even though I don't actually fear a week without electricity or my insurance deductible. Reading Shibumi made me realize the obvious - that I am in control of what I think and say and don't have to be caught up in the craziness around me. So I decided, "I am no longer a part of this hurricane!" I am one of the few people who showed up at work today, and inevitabley, my co-workers immediately brought up the "H" word. After a few sentances of discussion I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to limit my participation in hurricane discussions to no longer than 10 seconds in length." They thought it was funny.

>>By Lmemirzian   (Friday, 3 Sep 2004 14:20)

hi friends
like u all, even i am a great fan of trevanian. having read all your commments, i would add that Shibumi is truly a classic.
i haven't been able to read any of his other works but am sure that they would be equally good.
can anyone do me a favor and let me know a few more books of the same genre, by trevanian as well as other authors.e-mail id is

>>By salamander   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 18:59)

Trevanian's latest offering will be available in June 2005. It's called The Crazyladies of Pearl Street. Have no synopsis so will be happy if anyone can post info on the book.
Also, it seems Crown Publishing will be offering all the Trevanian books in the market again.

Whatever happened to that massive novel he made mention of in his Publisher's Weekly interview. The one called Street of the Four Winds.

>>By boybastos   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 05:13)

hey, salamander
read all of trevanians work. they are all great. try the main, loo sunction, eiger sunction. also try books by david morrell, he is good too.

>>By bjorn   (Thursday, 10 Feb 2005 06:49)

hej bjorn
thanks for ur reply. have got the copies of loo,eiger and main. enjoyed his style of writing but shibumi still remains incomparable.
i tried for other books by trevanian too, but here in india he is a bit unknown (sorry but indians today enjoy pulp fiction and tear-jerkers more than inspiring stuff). let me know if any indian friend(if u have) has any idea of where to get the other books.
by the way ur name sounds scandinavian.swedish?
if u have any more info mail me at

>>By salamander   (Sunday, 13 Feb 2005 07:19)

hey salamander,
yap my names scandinavian but im not from there. im a filipino ( from the philippines). i live at the northern part of the philippines. ever heard of baguio city? well, your nation is one of the fastest developing countries today. no wonder theyre into things like that.
i dont have a indian friend but i would love to have one.
trevanian rules

>>By bjorn   (Saturday, 19 Feb 2005 09:46)

tis now up:


>>By boybastos   (Wednesday, 30 Mar 2005 04:41)

i was really stunned to learn that trevanian has died. i discovered him when i bought a battered copy of shibumi from a discount store way back in the late 80s. at the time, i was deep into ludlum, and trevanian's prose, not to mention his characters, hooked me. it's regretful that he is not as prolific as ludlum, king, and the others. but each novel of his is worth the years of waiting.

i was surprised to find out that he was indeed a film and theater professor. somehow, i had the impression that shibumi is a semi-biographical work. i pictured him in my mind as a eurasian who grew up in the orient and was initiated in mytical martial arts, like his main protagonist, nicholai hel.

i'm just curious. is there anybody here who can definitely say that hel's "naked kill" martial arts form is real or not? is it just another attempt by trevanian to parodize the popularity of kung fu-karate-taekwondo-judo-aikido stuff that has been flooding popular culture nowadays?

how about the lovemaking techniques/levels he hinted at (yet didn't discuss fully! arrrgh!) in shibumi? are they real or not? thanks!

>>By benat   (Wednesday, 11 Jan 2006 13:16)

Here's the Google Group webpage for the most intensive research and discussion on
Trevanian. Rod Whitaker. Nicholas Seare:


Everyone kindly please contribute.

>>By boybastos   (Friday, 3 Mar 2006 03:12)

Trevanian yahoo group:

>>By boybastos   (Thursday, 9 Mar 2006 00:54)

Boy, was happy to finally find a discussion of Trevanian! He writes the most interesting characters.

read Shibumi when I was seventeen and I reread it again a couple of months back, maybe it's just me but it gets better when you read it when you're older.

read Summer of Katya, and found it riveting. How it started like a sweet love story and ended in tragedy was breath-taking.

>>By jeeper   (Thursday, 16 Nov 2006 09:56)

I'm on the verge of obtaining the entire collection of Trevanian's novels . To those who wish for the same should check " " on the net . Hey ' Boybastos ' , that site you gave on the intense discussion of trevanian is unattainable .

>>By lilahk rogue   (Tuesday, 22 May 2007 21:04)

Hey Benat , the naked/kill art form is true . It was and may still be used by certain military outfits or private organisations , however, due to the extreme conditions surrounding the skill , it's popularity has 'conveniently ' withered over the years . Hence , the reason some assume that Trevanian was ex-CIA .

>>By lilahk rogue   (Tuesday, 22 May 2007 21:11)

guys, who maintains

>>By bjorn   (Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007 03:55)

Trevanian used to be my favourite writer when I was a kid. I was always reading his books over and over again. Shibumi? man, that was, and still is, a classic.the loo and the eiger sanction, the main, summer of katya, such great books, but after a while, I stopped reading him. Until a few months ago as I was browsing through a book shop and found Incident at twenty-mile. I couldn't believe it. A Trevanian book? I read, then I went to his site, and I was sad to know that he is no longer with us. Long live Trevanian. His works never die.
Do you guys know that years ago Steven Seagal was going to turn Shibumi into a movie?
Good thing he didn't. That book is too good to be made into a movie. Actually, I am going to read it now.

>>By hustvedt   (Saturday, 15 Nov 2008 00:40)

Be sure to read THE MAIN and THE LADIES OF PEARL STREET, both character studies of Montreal and Albany, NY. Very entertaining and down to earth.

>>By Windwoodtrader   (Sunday, 10 May 2009 00:06)

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