Thomas Mcguane


i haven't read my book. i need to know what happend in two hours. somebody help.

>>By jodie   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 19:43)

He's very good and very funny.

>>By Robert Downing   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 16:10)

just read cadence of tom dying or something?this is the blackest thing he's written.didnt seem as funny to me either.i'm not dissing the book was a hell of a read.just wonder if something killed his usualfrenzied optimism

>>By goddog   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 21:53)

I wouldn't characterize Mcguane as being all that positive on the general subject of humanity. His humor, in my opinion, tends toward the dark side, rarely venturing beyond charcoal gray. Seems that he's one of those people that simply favors non-human life. It's a rare Mcg. character next to whom I'd take the next barstool more than once. That said, he chronicles life with a savage acerbity that yields to very few living novelists...

>>By Hotshoe   (Wednesday, 9 Mar 2005 21:58)

Ive just started reading Longest Silence as is required reading of every aspiring fly fisherman. Seems like most of the references Ive seen on this book only talk about the Introduction and some venture into the first chapter. Intro is all about how we have changed as a sporting culture, anxious to rape and pillage. Liked the first chapter about northern Michigan and his exceptional attention to detail of the trout streams. His writing is almost conversational and I like its simple structure. Any one else read this lately? Im interested in your thoughts.

>>By jadailey   (Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009 00:12)

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