Ted Dekker


Hello??? no one has red ted dekker??? he is the absolute best. you MUST read the black, red, and white trilogy. it is the BEST thing that i have ever read!!!!

>>By tigerlilly   (Sunday, 6 Nov 2005 05:02)

amen to tigerlilly, he's most definately the best author ever. black red and white are amazing, as is thr3e and blink. his latest showdown is the best book ever!!!!!!!! go buy his books, because you won't regret it!

>>By meh... just me   (Thursday, 19 Jan 2006 05:11)

I truly enjoy Ted Dekker's work.

Has anyone seen the film adaptation of his novel, "THRee?"

>>By swamp-molly   (Sunday, 26 Aug 2007 06:47)

Can you say more about the other authors or the genres you like? That way I could calibrate if your preferences are similar to mine...

>>By artsie   (Sunday, 2 Sep 2007 18:06)

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