Tania Kindersley


just finsished goodbye, johnny thunders - and feel obligated to say how much i enjoyed it! brilliant snappy style, vivid discription and capable of envoking strong familiar emotions in any one who has been in love and/or been through and got over a relationship.
its funny, because although as with finishing any good book - i feel like i want to know what the characters do next - this book left me with a nice satisfied feeling that the main character was going to be ok, what ever happens.
a brilliant story exploring that ecstatic light headed feeling of being head over heals in love, the lonely confused feeling that your heart is breaking, and the relief and realisation that you feel when you see life can go on, like the calm after a good cry.
an education, a laugh, a fab book - buy it.

>>By harriet   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 17:35)

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