Tami Hoag


I just finished her book Dark Horse and especially enjoyed her accurate description of "all hat and no cattle". I believe there is more than this being simple coincidence. Please pass this e-mail on to Tami Hoag. Perhaps she might be interested or could direct me to a writer willing to explore and expose the sex, lies, celebrity and even videotape of the ex-baseball star, all legally documented.

>>By xstaticlydivorced@aol.com   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 19:22)

I have read several of her books and I love her style of writing. I just finished Dark Paradise and it was wonderful. This I touched me more than any of her books that I have read to date. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would love to see her revist these characters.

>>By beckyb27   (Tuesday, 11 May 2004 21:26)

I just got finished reading Night Sins and Guilty as Sin the sequel to the first one. I will say she has got to be the most impressive Psychological Thriller writer I think I have ever read. She kept me on my toes the whole way through both of the books. I plan on reading every one of her books. If you know of any other writers that come close to the way she writes please let me know. I also found a new writer Michael Kimball he is an extremely intense writer also with Psychological Police Thrillers.. You can write to me at
debra19602@hotmail.com Have a great day!!

>>By sweetangel44   (Friday, 19 Nov 2004 21:51)

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