Tahar Ben Jelloun


Anyone heard of this writer? Willing to discuss his work? Or are you all scratching your heads?

>>By dionysus   (Thursday, 6 Nov 2003 00:01)


Nope, haven't so how about a recommendation? Or a list with (brief) annotations?
Give us some guidance on which to start with and maybe you will help popularize (OK, maybe that's a bit hopeful) an author you like.

Say what, I'll read a Jelloun if you read a Pelevin ;-) (I gotta push my guys too).

>>By greenfyre   (Thursday, 6 Nov 2003 14:17)

Corruption is a powerful book. The Sand child is a great book to start off though...very easy read but with enough force to seduce you into rading more. Give me some pelevin recommendations, G

>>By dionysus   (Thursday, 13 Nov 2003 08:32)

Blinding Absence of Light, very powerful, meditative, language (English translation) transmits a transcendent state, despair countered by hope (hope as '...what transcends what is immediately experienced and is anchored somewhere beyond our horizon', Vaclav Havel) ... will enjoy checking out his other books ... (oh, I'm realising I'm writing this two years after the last post ... oh well).

>>By go2paris   (Wednesday, 10 Aug 2005 00:05)

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