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I recently decided to read Tabitha King's books and I couldn't stop with one and I continued to read on........I was wondering when she may have a new book coming out. I have found that with her stories you can just continue to read all day long and it is hard for me to put the book down. I wish I would have read them sooner!

>>By Lace   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

I particularly loved Small World. The idea behind the book was terrifying.

>>By Reader   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

I read The Trap first and I was amazed and horrified:truly impressed with this woman and then I read ONE ON ONE, PEARL,THE BOOK OF REUBEN,and SURVIVOR and I am a devoted fan. I hope that she writes something new soon. I would love to know what is happening in Nodd's Ridge and if India, Reuben and Pearl's daughter, has grown up yet. It feels good to find a space to talk about Ms King- she is truly special!

>>By Tangela   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

Tabitha King is a superior modern novelist. She can live in the heads of all her characters, male and female, and bring them to life for the reader. Her depictions of small-town life and personal relationships are so real, I feel as if I were reading about my friends, neighbors and co-workers. And she does it seemingly without effort. I don't notice the writing, because the story is so natural and imminant and flowing, the dialogue so everyday. Then comes a stretch where every chop is so very RIGHT, that I have to stop, breath and and marvel. Her action sequences are especially vivid; you can feel the drops of sweat her athletes throw off; you feel the texture of the lover's skin; the air smells right; the sounds are onomatopoetic without a cliche for miles.
And Tabitha King knows people; she without a doubt knows young people so well, that I'd be scared to have her for a mother. Her sex scenes are right on. Would it be an insult to say she does it like a man? I mean, she has the physics of it down stone cold without sliding into porn. Her characters are real -- pimples, nobility, hope and inconsistancies all on display-- precisely because they just live on the page without any noticiable manipulation on her part.
I especially love how she weaves the lives of the Nodd's Ridge characters together so we see the same story through so many eyes, time perspectives and motivations that the tale just becomes richer and richer. I hope she continues to give us more Nodd's Ridge soon. I hope she gives us more ANYTHING soon.

>>By Glenda   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 13:00)

May 24, 2003:

Tabby is a great writer!


>>By MadamMack   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 04:59)

I have read two of Tabitha's books and would like the rest, but I'm finding her books are not easy to find. Please, can we have some reprints?

>>By Martha   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 04:35) I have read all of Tabitha Kings book & am constantly checking to see if a new one is available.I really enjoyed them more then her husbands as you felt you knew and understood the characters.i would to read a new book of hers but I guess we have seen the of Rend ueben and Pearl ECT . Thats sad as we will always wonder. By LEN

>>By Len Allen   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 22:26)

Tabitha King is an excellent writer. Simply outstanding. I love her work, and feel she should be at least as well known as the other writer in her family.

>>By Annie-Xmas   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 20:58)

I have a warning. Never pick up a Tabitha king novel after 11 pm on a weekday. You just won't be able to put it down and the next day at work will be hell.

>>By Doug   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 16:59)

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