Sylvia Plath


i think she is the goddess of poetry. it is much more successful when literature is based on personal experiences rather than try to create stg. universal. sylvia does this "exceptionally well":)

>>By AnneRice   (Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003 20:17)

i recently read 'the bell jar' and thought it was beautiful! it is simple in style but very enthralling! my real excitement came when i started reading sylvia's poetry! my words could never describe how beautiful hers are!

>>By mrs. rosewater   (Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004 19:49)

i simply love sylvia's poems.they are beautiful. i write poetry too and it was always sylvia who inspired me with her touching images and grotesque reality. she taught me not to be scared of reality. the greatest compliment i got from a friend was when after reading one of my poems she said jokingly"are you a reincarnation of sylvia" i had not even heard of sylvia then. poonam interduced me to the heart quietining world of sylvia the little blond who saw life beyond its artificial barriers....

>>By sylvia kaur   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 13:36)

Sylvia Plath works is something that comes along once in a great while, and those of us who have discovered her work are simply lucky. Her words speak beyond their definitions, and reveal a new world....

>>By JrzyGirl   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 20:44)

Sylvia rockz! just bought a collection of her best work, Ariel..many of the poems were written in an extraordinary burst of creativity just before she died.
Is an art, like everything else.
I do it exceptionally well."
- from "lady lazarus"

>>By SoulFly   (Sunday, 14 Nov 2004 19:48)

The Bell Jar allows the reader into a world of patriarchy and misogyny hidden by the carefully constructed guise of mental illness. A wonderful novel!

>>By Jo_Pink   (Thursday, 3 Mar 2005 23:43)

She's a frickin tease is what she is. While she expresses a hope of becoming emotional secure and claims that it's possible in The Bell Jar, she goes and sodding kills herself anyway. What a hypocrite.

>>By Friebs   (Friday, 4 Mar 2005 20:56)

her work will always be viewed in light of the patiarch Ted Hughes

>>By LINZ OF ASTRA   (Monday, 7 Mar 2005 12:30)

Linz...Im new to this subject and am curious to understand your statement. You seems to have a minority opinion of how Plath is perceived. While some here think that her feminism prevailas, you seem to be saying the opposite. How so?

>>By Hume Ungus   (Friday, 11 Mar 2005 12:41)

The Bell Jar was very cool right from the first page, mentioning cadavers and macabre imagery. Throughout the book she has dark witty humor that was cute nontheless. A good laugh through attempted suicides and great to see her mental illness develop. A dear favorite of mine.

>>By MagentaStraberry   (Thursday, 17 May 2007 21:45)

Sylvia Plath is my favorite poet of all time. I loved The Bell Jar, and I love all of Plath's poetry. She was a pure poetic genius and a true visionary and I am saddened by the fact that she took her own life at such a young age. For other Plath fans out there I suggest reading her complete poems, which includes all of her poems to date and a large chunk of Juvenelia; her journal, Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, and my favorite book about Plath: "Giving Up: The Last Days of Sylvia Plath" by Jillian Becker.
"The blood jet is poetry, / There is no stopping it."
-- Sylvia Plath

>>By holeINmySOUL6   (Thursday, 17 May 2007 22:22)

we spent a whole quarter on sylvia plath at Latin. Her poetry, her prose, her everything was genious. she was an amazing writer, and most writers can only dream to be half as good as she was..... the bell jar was one of my favorites, though i loved Ariel as well. her poems literally gave me the chills as i read them; i could relate to them that much.

>>By ixel   (Friday, 18 May 2007 23:57)

I'm so glad for the day I discovered her poetry. I went out and bought her collected poems and devoured them. Her dark, beautiful writing is such an inspiration. I loved the Bell Jar as well, I read it at an absolutely perfect time in my life.

>>By isla   (Thursday, 24 May 2007 12:34)

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