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No matter the perfume, nor Wall Street...chemistry is like a ballroom dance, either it flows, like vapors from heavens or doesn't. Either deep in there, there is a common spirit or insn't. Literally speaking, Susskind wrote it as murder, but it wasn't. The crime was a technique to shock you, to call you, to seduce you into the the realms of the unknowns of love.

The novel started with so a shocking clue, that the code remained thru the whole novel, including the end. I mean, if a perfume doesn't shock you, then it insn't in there in the first place.

The nose potential, shocking too, i mean, is that a tool? How can we work or develop it? Can I smell desire, danger, fitness or love? Is the smell after taking a shower a smell? Is a kiss a smell? Sure it is. Either is there or it isn't?

After all, a perfume is a chemical compound, if there is no chemistry it is known. then there will be no contacts, no looks, no closeness, what Gatsby(Scott Fitzgerald) should have done to stay away from collapse.

Susskind walks us thru a pursuit of fitness, when there was any, just a good tool/nose.

I mean, anyone with that nose could have spotted a target but was there tissue?

Dogs know better, they check first, if it is not there, they walk away, easily.
And they do smell deep.

We, humans, the anti-Gatsbys, wear the perfume, like black panthers, if it is there it will atrract right away, then the flavors and tones will come out, flowly, right away, now.

"To wait for love is just to waste your life away." Tijuana Brass.

Gastby should have stayed in Alabama.

Greneuille didn't need to move, he was everywhere. So what is a perfume after all, if not the tedious paths we bring to our immagination of senses more deeper than eating, touching, seeing and hearing.

Smelling overcomes the others in that its language is more intricate, more mysterious more out-of-this-world.

What is a perfume?, no matter what sophisticated it might be, if it is not delivered with the magic of its possibilities, then is not. We must stop damaging our noses in trivia. We must let the presence merge with the essence.

In the movies, we hear and see, we can eat and touch too, and still we could smell.

"Polyester" did just that, home videos too.

And still smelling brings you out farther and longer than a caress. If you know how to exhude and smell.

The skin sensitivity fades with friction, food stuffs, eyes tires, music puzzles but smelling would do the trick.


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Anyone know what Mr S is up to right now?

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