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o wow im the only one thats commented on this page. well, ill tell u my fave characters, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Edward. hehe. and i think he and bella r awesome together. and i HATE jacob, he just annoys me!!! i was sooo sad when edward left in new moon, im glad hes back!!! ya but anyways, i think eclipse comes out august 7, 07. so im REALLLLLY excited for it!!!!!!!

>>By silver_rain883   (Monday, 26 Mar 2007 23:32)

Stephenie Meyer gives all of us hope that mid-life writers are out there, waiting to be discovered. Reading about her fantastical and fabulous characters, it's hard to believe that the Twilight books are her first ones. I am eagerly awaiting the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn.

>>By ObsessionsAbounding   (Monday, 3 Sep 2007 19:49)

me too! i loved Eclipse! Though i really hate Jacob after what he did. grr he is evil. Edward is perfect. What is anyones hopes for Breaking Dawn?

>>By silver_rain883   (Saturday, 6 Oct 2007 00:42)

i loved her first chapters of midnight sun, it was great to read it from ewards prospective.

>>By sia   (Thursday, 18 Oct 2007 11:11)

Yeah Midnight Sun is going to be really good. Edward's perspective on things is going to be good. :]

>>By silver_rain883   (Saturday, 27 Oct 2007 20:26)

Um, can I just say that I am completely and utterly and hopelessly in love with Edward? I'm totally obsessed. And after reading this series, human boys have completely lost their charm! I LOVED the excerpt from Midnight Sun and can't wait for Breaking Dawn! Just curious, though - do y'all think Bella is going to become a vampire? Think she should? Or should she stay human?

>>By Pantoufle   (Thursday, 20 Dec 2007 07:22)

The books and the story is Ok!!!
Typical love story..
I¢¥m waiting for the movie...

>>By Youngi   (Friday, 18 Jan 2008 22:13)

I loved Twilight but was very disappointed by the others in the series.

My blog partner loves them all and can't stop talking/discussing them with others LOL


>>By VT   (Monday, 21 Jan 2008 16:29)

Ok three things:
~I LOVE Twilight and am now completely obsessed and in love with Edward!
~Where did you read an excerpt from Midnight Sun?!?!?!?!?!
~I'm not sure Bella will become a vampire. All along I've had a feeling that, like edward, Bella is some More. Maybe not a werewolf for a vampire but something. I mean how come her thought's are the only ones that Edward can't read?! And all of that about her not really being afraid or leary like most people were about the Cullens. I just can't wait to see how it all plays out and I cannot wait to see the MOVIE twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz someone let me know about that midnight sun thing. THANKS

>>By Kinz   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2008 05:07)

i am so excited about the book that comes out in e days. i am so going to one of the parties that b & n. i cant wait to se the movie in dec.

>>By sia   (Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008 00:09)

In response to Kinz you can find an excerpt on Stephenie Meyers website.
I am so excited that Midnight Sun is going to be her next project. I think it will be interesting to know Edward's perspective. I can't wait for the movie I hope it does the books justice...that and I am also hopelessly obsessed with Edward and will need another fix since I finished the last book and there is no finish date for Midnight Sun yet.

>>By Chen   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2008 07:53)

It's truly disappointing that Midnight Sun was leaked and now Stephenie Meyer feels too betrayed to finish this beautiful new novel. I think that Edward's perspective is the more interesting one and, as of reading the released chapters on Stephenie's cite, that he has a much better grasp of everything compared to Bella. I love Bella dearly, but the relationship between these two is extremely dependent on one another and from a modern psychologists view-unhealthy.

I was rooting for Edward all through the series, though I have to admit that Jacob did have many good qualities. He WAS looking out for the best for Bella. His anger and temper were only a natural outlet after his shapeshifting started happening.

Um...I'm hoping there is someone else on this board who is really dreading the movie. I'd love to have a dialogue on it.

>>By jadeshadow   (Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008 22:47)

I loved the first book, Twilight. New Moon was ok. Eclipse was just boring. And lastly, Breaking Dawn was the biggest dissapointment of a book I have ever read. There wasn't even a big fight at the end(which I guess is good in a way that it's NOT LIKE ALL OF THE PREVIOUS BOOKS). It left a lot of things left unsaid, which would have been fine had she written a following book... but she didn't. She never even explains how she tells her mother that she's a goddamn vampire! And, I thought it was terrible and too easy that they tell Charlie to just "not ask questions". Not ask questions? umm... i think he'll start asking questions when he realizes that his daughter is 41 years old, but still looks the same as she did when she was 18! The books are way too similar, I honestly don't remember what happened in each one. I thought the books were entertaining, but I think I might be too old to appreciate them.

>>By Brittybop   (Tuesday, 7 Oct 2008 19:07)

I think that Stephenie is one of the most talented authors of our time.
Twilight was a beautiful book, New Moon disapointed me the first time I read it, but the second time I read it I think I finally formed an attatchment to Jacob.
Eclipse was great, beautifully written. I love Bella's internal struggle. It's waht makes the book so good.
Breaking Dawn is my favorite, but not by much! At first, I was disgusted with Bella and I thought she just give in and abort the monster, but once Renesmee was born, I just fell in love with her character! I think that was Stephenie's goal by writing the book in both Bella and Jacob's perspective.... to make you hate what was inside Bella so much, and then feel won over by Renesmee the same way everyone else was, you know?
Edward was still my favorite, although Jacob won me over at many points.... I think I'll be Switzerland, like Bella :)

>>By mama2lexa   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2008 01:49)

For a teenage vampire love story the first 3 books are okay. Although, I wonder why Bella spent all of her time waiting for the boy/boys.

A more mature read are the vampire stories by Anne Rice or even Anita Blake's vampire hunter series.

>>By ctjmack   (Saturday, 24 Jan 2009 02:04)

I read half of twilight since my 8th graders were so interested. It is a young adult book that crossed over. I got bored with the writing so I didn't finish the book. What Meyer has is a kick-ass marketing strategy. The book jacket is the brand logo .

>>By katsuzy   (Saturday, 4 Jul 2009 18:11)

hey guys! I've already read Breaking Dawn! It's Great! ALL OF THE BOOKS ARE GREAT!!!!! Love Stephenie's works!))))

by the way! U R going to be very much surprised by the final book of the Saga!)))

>>By alexandretta   (Thursday, 6 May 2010 16:12)

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