Sherwood Smith


am i the only fan of crown & court duel?

>>By Megano   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 01:46)

I've read only a short story by Sherwood Smith: Mum and Dad on the Home Front. It's superb! I'd like to read a novel or something by her. So, does anyone have a recommendation?

>>By Dieda   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 11:49)

read Crown Duel the new version where Crown Duel and Court Duel are together it is great.

I love the book Crown Duel.(note i have the combined version of Crown Duel and Court Duel so i have read them both)

>>By Cimorene   (Saturday, 20 Nov 2004 23:44)

i like those books and i wish shed write more books like that
cuz i read them both i duno how many times already

>>By Lavendr   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 01:20)

Funny u are the sam people are on the other book sites I am talking at

>>By digger   (Saturday, 15 Oct 2005 02:23)

It's funny the way I can tell who's read which book by what their username is. (For example, I'm willing to bet that Cimorene has read "Dealing with Dragons.")

I absolutely agree that the best book by Sherwood to read is Crown Duel, published by Firebird (I think). It beats having to get two books from the library instead of one.

>>By artificial_stupidity   (Monday, 17 Oct 2005 20:24)

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