Sandra Brown


I think Sandra Brown's book are the greatest, however, the sex scenes are a bit far fetched and extremely grafic. I certainly could do w/o them as it does not add anything to her story when it is not necessary to go into such detail.

>>By red   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 03:59)

Hey, I like when the books go in such detail whether it is about sex or not, because that is what makes the books so interesting, well at least to me it does.

>>By Crystal   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 21:31)

I just finished reading Envy. Confused. What was the original name of the book Vanquished?

>>By Karen   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 06:01)

I have read almost every book by Sandra and whether it was romance or suspense, she really takes the cake.

>>By T_Sweety   (Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003 07:30)

Sandra Brown's sex scenes are fantastic.
My God,has there ever been a sexier character than "Chief" the hottie astronaught???
Her suspense novels are top shelf !!!!

>>By Celtgal   (Saturday, 8 May 2004 02:32)

my favoriote sandra brown book is "slow heat in heaven".. i think Cash is the ultimate "bad boy". i fell inlove with him at chapter 1... there was just somethin about him... hmm... he's yummy...

>>By escaflowne   (Monday, 26 Jul 2004 07:49)

never heard of hirt

>>By hislop   (Monday, 26 Jul 2004 12:28)

I like her books - my favourites are love stories, I don't like her detective stories and suspence, because they are too violent. But those romantic stories are absolutely adorable!!! Some of them I have read hundreds of times :)))
I'm a HUGE fan of Sandra's love stories!!!

>>By Miss Krux   (Tuesday, 27 Jul 2004 15:09)

i read my first one of hers, hello darkness. it was great you could not decide who the killer was until the end,

>>By sia   (Sunday, 11 Nov 2007 00:29)

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