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i love the chronicled of amber! i am not keen on reading butthat is one of my fave ones!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By madgirl-him   (Saturday, 6 Dec 2003 22:41)

I personally dont like the amber books I in general stay away from series they become drawn out and dull withoput much substance in the end the only thing that keeps them going is the world that they have created keeps you interested. i perfer zelanzy's other books like donnerjack, to die in Italber and the unicorn chronicles for example

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Friday, 5 Mar 2004 06:21)

I don't agree that Amber Chronicles are dull and without substance. Ze;azny created a couple of great, believable characters there, and relationships between them are interesting to me. I like to see them all grow more mature, learn to know each other *really* after so many centuries of not knowing (and hating) each other... I also love the way Zelazny describes their emotions - or purposefully doesn't describe them. In writing, sometimes less is more, as a friend said once...

>>By Dieda   (Wednesday, 5 May 2004 11:37)

I like Nine Princes best of the Amber books for roughly the same reason as Deida: I like the way Corwin gets by on pure instinct, fooling his siblings into thinking he knows who he is. I think that is what makes the first book the best of the series; and, of course, because it introduces the amazing Amber universe. The important thing to remember about the series in general is that it embodies Zelazny's personal philosophy: He really saw the world (and ourselves) as in a constant struggle between order and chaos. (I'm working on a paper on this topic.)

I think Zelazny's best novel is Lord of Light, because it has so much depth to it. My favorite short story by him is For a Breath I Tarry. I have suggested both of these to many people, though I generally like to turn people on to Zelazny.

>>By Jackanapes   (Saturday, 8 May 2004 09:10)

Lord of Light is great - very deep, very complex, and besides, I like such toying with mythology. Amber is still my favorite, though (probably having something to do with what you read first and getting attached to the characters and such). The story I like best (I haven't read ALL of them, though) is Unicorn Variations.

>>By Dieda   (Saturday, 8 May 2004 14:39)

I recently got around to reading "The doors of his face. The lamps of his mouth" were i read the best story by him yet. "Divine Madness" i dont agree with the title and he doesnt do the backwards writing correctly but I enjoyed. I dont think others will as much im kinda baised being Dyslexic kinda made it easy to imagine.
i still dont like the amber series i see to much obvouis attempts at buying my attention. I'd much rather read a short stroy were he doesnt worry about trying to entertain the reader.

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 03:22)

I first read the Amber series while living in Germany. If anything, the german version is even more entertaining than the original version (which I finally got around to reading a few years later). I was saddened when I read of RZ's passing, the thought that there would be no new Amber novels is depressing.

>>By Maggie   (Wednesday, 9 Nov 2005 05:49)

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