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The tawny man series is the first of Hobb's work that I've read, and although the first book took a long time to get moving, it was a good read. If you need a new series, I suggest you check out George RR Martin and Llynn Flewelling. Game of Thrones is the first book of Martin's fire and ice series and Bone Doll's Twin is the first of Flewelling's Tamir trilogy. Neither series is finished yet, but I recommend them both much more than Eddings - who I like, but tend to think of as a little too simple now that I've been reading sci-fi/fantasy for years on end.

>>By Mike   (Wednesday, 23 Jul 2003 20:12)

hey i have read all of the robin hobb books twice and i luv them all. i especially like how the fool connects all the books together into a huge set. i found out on a website that the third tawny man book comes out in october this year and there was also a bit saying what it was about. the fool gets left behind from the quest but promises them he'll endeavour to be there in the very end. i hope that icefyre gets freed so he can actually be tintaglias consort but fitz and chade seem determined to kill the creature that is underneath the ice. these books catch me up so much it seems like theyre real to me.
by the way my top 5 series are:
1.robin hobb series
2. witches of eileanean by kate forsyth
3. legendsong by isobelle carmody
4. obernewtyn chronicles by isobelle carmody
5. the view from the mirror quartet by ian irvine
anyway i had better stop typing now or youll have my life story. so cya all lara

>>By lara   (Sunday, 27 Jul 2003 08:39)

I know that the last book in the Tawny man series is out but I havent read it. All I want to know is, are all the different series joined together here and does it have some sort of finale? Please dont write what happens, just if they are all related. Cheers!

>>By Catalyst   (Friday, 6 Feb 2004 09:20)

OMG. I have found my home! Okay so I have a lot to say. First, I LOVE BELOVED! I love him so much...I tried to tell my friends about Beloved but they looked at me weird. Beloved gave fuel to my roaring fire of an obsession with fools and jesters. Okay so I'm sure I sound weird here too, but I don't care. Anyway, I just finished reading "Fool's Fate" like two hours ago...okay so I cried a little and got teary eyed A LOT. And some things happened that I wasn't so happy about, but I knew they had to happen...I won't go any farther than that... I just have to say that the way Robin Hobb made Beloved's and Fitz's relationship was beautiful. I was so amazed to hear in the second book how people thought they were lovers...and then Beloved said he put no boundry on his love for Fitz and I almost cried...such...I don't intomate but so incredibly above a romance...and when they had their fight and they broke was like one person split in two...I got so upset...I was waiting SO LONG for "Fool's Fate" and then I read it and it hurt to finish really did.

But Fit'z and Beloved's relationship makes me shiver with delight. Friendship like that is not ever spoken up between men like that because people get the wrong idea. I give her great praise for what she did with them.

And yes, all three of the trilogies are related...the Farseer Trilogy and the Tawny Man trilogy are related a lot but the Liveship trilogy is only distantly related.

Anyway, that's all I have to say...yeah...I guess I'll come back when other people have talked.

>>By Beloved Follower   (Monday, 23 Feb 2004 02:15)

i still havent got round to reading the 3rd, but i'm searching EVERY library til i find the damn book!! agreed tho...robin hobb is an awesome writer, has anyone read the liveship traders? i read that trilogy while waiting 4 fool's fate, my favourite has to be the farseer trilogy though, with fitz growing up!!

>>By Jeffers   (Friday, 11 Jun 2004 12:03)

THIS IS SO COOL i haven't found anyone with the same interests as me before when ever i talk bout robin hobb my friends look at me like im weird!
i have already read the whole lot of robin hobb books and can't wait for the next do you know when it's coming out? coz id love to know about it!!!

>>By beloved   (Monday, 28 Jun 2004 21:46)

do you know when the next book comes out

>>By beloved   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 17:47)

have read the first farseer trilogy book! loved it twas a masterpiece!
have big dilemma cannot find other two books! HELP!!!

>>By vampirearchive   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 11:14)

i need help, fitz is a good character!lol fool is my favourite though, the fool rocks!

>>By vampirearchive   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 11:15)

yeah, the fools the best!

>>By beloved   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 20:20)

agreed...the fool is pretty cool.....but how many have u read the liveship traders? cos he's in them too.....

>>By Jeffers   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 12:27)

i know he's amber right, i didn't figger it out for quite a while though bit slow sometimes.
do u think that the fools a man or a woman coz robin hobb drops hints alot but i don't know.

>>By beloved   (Monday, 2 Aug 2004 18:31)

robin hobb is truely a master! she makes the characters so real, and the entire trilogies filled with humanity, love, friendship, loyalty, humor... oh i really love the series about Fitz.

>>By Min the Wise   (Wednesday, 25 Aug 2004 19:05)

"the fools a man or a woman"
personnaly i have no idea...the hints suggest that he/she could be either......but doesnt that woman turn up on his doorstep at buckkeep and ask for "amber"?

>>By Jeffers   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 15:46)

her web site:

she also writes a Megan Lindholm, but in a different style.

>>By ChicagoReader   (Sunday, 7 Nov 2004 23:52)

I am Fool, and you are Fool, and he is Fool, and we are Fool Together

>>By resealable   (Wednesday, 29 Dec 2004 05:40)

Hey Guys
A friend of mine recomended I read Robin Hobb but i wanted to check her out first! so far most of the comments have been positive. What has she written and what would you guys recomend?

>>By tortallan-chic   (Sunday, 10 Apr 2005 04:31)

Fellow Addicts!!!! Yeah!!! I've read the Assassins trilogy, soooo good, but so sad =( and I've just finished the first in the tawny man trilogy (picking up the second one today yippee!) I love the Fool, he's the best, but I don't think he's a she, after all he got insulted on the skill road to Verity when Fitz asked him if he was a she.... although he did ask Fitz to put away that charm the hedge witch made for him and said even he was affected by it.... =) ;) so who's amber? are the liveship traders any good?

>>By future ruler of the world   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 12:04)

Just wanted to throw in my two cents. I thought the Fool was just a gay guy... The way he loved Fitz, but didn't want to tell him because he knew it would change things (can't remember which book that was from, but I think it's from the Fool series). Plus, he did kiss that boy when (I think -- it's been a long time since I read the books) Fitz and him were looking for stolen, Witted Prince.

If I'm right and the Fool is gay, then I think she dealt with a few stereotypes pretty well... The fool was always popular and loved particularly by the women at court, but he was also demonized by the Outlanders in the Fool trilogy -- she kinda tied two steroetypes into the one character; like two sides to the same story. Plus, Fitz does love him, and in the end doesn't let the awkwardness of having his best friend tell him that they love him get in the way of loving him back, in his own way.

On a sidenote, the Liveship Traders is fantastic! Well, the 3rd book is my favourite book of all. I love Bingtown and would love it even more if Hobb would revisit it. But I think it's time for Fitz to just live his 'happily ever after.'

>>By MeMiMo   (Thursday, 21 Apr 2005 20:31)

I'm nearly finished Fool's Fate, so I really want to move on to The Liveship Traders, but I'd like to know:

1. Is Amber a major character (now that I know that she's the Fool it kinda spoils that a bit)
2. Is Paragorn (that's the one the Fool carved like Fitz right?) in it a lot?
3. Is Tintalaglia in it much and more dragons (I love Dragons!)
4. Does it continue after the Fool's trilogy, before it or during?

>>By future ruler of the world   (Tuesday, 26 Apr 2005 15:01)

4th first. It happens at the same time, in that its meant to be part of one story -- one world.

1st. Amber is in the third book -- Ship of Destiny -- but she is a main character in it.

2nd. Paragon is also a main character, but as I read Ship of Destiny first, and then again and again before reading the Tawny Man trilogy, I didn't have a clue.

3rd. Tintaglia is kind of central to the last book.

>>By MeMiMo   (Thursday, 28 Apr 2005 17:11)

Thank you! must read now!

>>By future ruler of the world   (Tuesday, 3 May 2005 16:22)

well.. i'm glad some peole still recognize a good writing when they see it...
as to preguessing the books....then am thinking of calling myself a master in it and hobbs books are really easy to predict... still that doesn't spoil them one bit, unlike many other books...
to correct the last but one answer.. the liveship trilogy takes place between the assassin and the fool books... it can't "happen at the same time" (memimo) because i doubt the characters are able to be in two places at once... (didn't want to nag.... i'm simply a perfectionist)
the favourite subject of everyone... fool and amber... why do you think one is more important than the other? you can't say that one is a disquise and the other is real... it's the same person......... let me ask you this... do you act exactly the same when you go to school and when you go out with your friends?.....
besides offering a place to hide ourselves and to entertain us the important thing about books is to understand that everything is your daily life... learn this and learn to draw parallels between what you read and what you live...
i too enjoy books as a mean of cutting myself free from my regular life, it isn't that rare that after finishing a book, especially a good one, i cry... not because it was a sad ending, no... but because i've lost another safe place to be...
then after a while i start reconsidering the book, i find parallels, i learn from it... maybe if i keep doing it, once i actually can think of my own life as a miracle and a happy thing it is...
we can't have the adventures of the characters, but we can have our own...
have you noticed how the fool is always the one who gets attention..? ... a he or a she, a gay or a very good friend, did he do sth right or wrong, who he really is..... what does it matter... who the hell are we ourselves?... what matters is that he gets the attention...the attention that shows firstly how good a writer hobb can be for desining such a character and secondly that every single one of us understand that there is a point in the books, we simply don't acnowledge it...
The Fool gets to us all...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 7 Jun 2005 17:32)

by the way.. becky.. if you happen to read this...i'd like to talk to you... don't ask why, i simply feel like you and i could get along ok...
wonder if i am loosing it... judging people on some sentences they have written...

>>By HY -   (Tuesday, 7 Jun 2005 17:36)

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