Robert M Pirsig


quality is meeting expectations
fine arts- expectation of personal preference
i.e. someone who likes bright colours
their expectations would be met by art with colour,but could
recognize quality in all art by seeing other's expectations (preferences)
met in the art
poetry- expectations of rhyme (in rhyming poems), poem structure, entertainment
comedy- expectation of laughter!
sports- expectation of scoring the most goals, of surpassing previously set records
marketplace- expectation of fresh, good tasting food, reasonable prices
*inanimate objects-expectations vary widely
eg. T.V. expect that it works!
clear picture and sound
warranty, etc... expectation of durability
personal preference, etc...

>>By Terelda   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 19:16)

Quality is a virtual line running across your mind a line of expectation, There are expectations everywhere, you buy a book expecting it to be good, you get married expecting that your life would be full of joy. the level depends on your upbringing, your education Things fall above or below this dividing line. If this level is low there is more room for happiness in life, As you grow older this level too goes higher,and you wonder is this the kind of music i liked when I was 20 ?? Your expectations go higher and higher and so are your demands, leaving very little room for happiness, this is why creative people end up being miserable, their level of expectation is so high, very little falls above your expectations, This is the time to empty yourself, bring down your level of quality, level of expextation to the lowest, now you are satisfied with everything This is zen

>>By M.A Rauf   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 18:57)

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