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i think that Robert Jordan is one of the Best fantasy writers of our time.

>>By Ffdelious   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

Robert Jordan maybe a good writer, But is too greedy. The last couple of books were a let down, why, because he`d rather make 5 more instead of finishing the series off, for the money. I was disappointed the fisrt 5 were awesome and after spending 45 bucks on CoT I`m quite disillusioned,but CoT was still better the WH and PoD which both sucked.

>>By Heli-skier   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 01:58)

i also thought the first five were great but am very disappointed in cot it seems he has no clue on how to finish the the way i always thought a trilogy was just three , books!

>>By stryker   (Wednesday, 19 Mar 2003 22:11)

pity for me i haven't read any of robert jordan books!!! i sought for the BOOK ONE but unfortunately i havn't get it!!!! i'm such a pathetic but please tell me where can i buy the first book of robert jordan's wheels of time here in the philippines. here's my email i'm really avarice to read the first book so i can buy the remaining books. thanks!!!!

>>By george besa   (Friday, 28 Mar 2003 11:22)

Some books read well. Others seemed slow and out of character. But when re read over and over again the story falls back into pure addictive fantasy...

>>By lyle erratt   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 17:40)

I wasn't really into the series when my boyfriend told me that it was amazing and I had to read it. Once I got past tGH, I just couldn't stop. Now he bought CoT and I can't wait until he's done reading it, so that I can.

>>By Kat   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 06:41)

the later books of the series don't seem as good as the first couple of boods because I think Robert Jordan didn't know exactly where he was going with the book. The first couple of books are a lot more solid as books on their own since Jordan probably thought he was going to end it quick, and the later books are meant to be read as series together instead of individuals so their flow is different which makes them seem a bit choppy on their own but as a whole makes the story flow a lot smoother and exciting, its like a good rpg that keeps going and going. Anyway it sucks when a good book ends, so i think Jordan should keep it as long as possible.

>>By shonen   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 18:47)

i enjoyed the books that i have read , but i am wondering where the journey will take us next . i have read the crossroads of twilight and cant wait for the next one to be published. Keep up the good writing please

>>By claire   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 23:51)

Robert Jordan weaves a tapistry so intricate and complex, its like a fractal, you keep zooming in and there is always more detail. Its a big read, but you have to tottaly imerse yourself, this is definitely not light reading. People like David Eddings are great story tellers, but Robert Jordan is something completely different, not better or worse, just different. My biggest question is where will it end and how

>>By David Bintler   (Friday, 2 May 2003 17:31)

the wheel of time series has lost its way as the books have gone on. At the beginning its obvoius that initially the series was supposed to be a trilogy but the popularity made the story grow. The last few books have been very poor, with very little consistancy and far too much emphasis on wardrrobe with little character development. I will read till the end even though (a) rand will die and be born again without his "ghosts. (b)Matt will lose an eye and save the world. (c) the aiel will become mentioned less. (d) the aes sedai will become even more annoying

>>By peter   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 18:13)

I really like the Robert Jordan series. After reading alot of the other fantasy author though I am beginning to wonder when it will end. Would it not be better to end this series and start a new with different characters. Don't get me wrong I love the books but I want a conclusion. Each time a new book comes out I have to read the series all over again to remember what was going on. Hopefully book 11 will see Rand defeat the dark one. Or who knows we may have to await another 10 books. Please email me if you would like to discuss the series.

>>By Istarae   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 09:35)

I love the series, but WH put me to sleep.

>>By Wallace   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 02:58)

i agree with most of you on what your saying about R.J. He is without a doubt one of the greatest authors to grace the world of fantasy fiction with his writing.I agree that rereading his series to remember characters and events can be eagerly anticipated but disheartening and discouraging as well.I believe he needs to end this series and maybe start a new also.I thought i was fairly isolated in my thinking that the aes sedai are getting rather annoying in they're plots, subtrefuge, whining and confusion.As for David Eddings being "different" to R.J., if your astute enough you will notice several simlarities in some core concepts, ideologies and beliefs of the "Belgariad" versus "Wheel Of Time" .One such concept being the wolf persona in the communication of them,the ancestral knowledge,the feel of killing etc.. The key difference being that Eddings wrote his series years ahead of Jordan(James Oliver Rigney jr). In my opinion there wasnt overlapping ideas but actual emulation.Eddings is truly as great but not as detailed or sophisticated as Jordan.We all look forward to the hopefully great conclusion of this series but lets avoid the tedium of digesting 10 huge books so we can get back the feelings and understandings of the wheel of time, after 5 rereads im just alittle less passionate about doing number 6 .One other point is the fact that his original few books were published at an acceptable rate for recalling details without rereading ,is it because he had sufficient material prepared in advance or because he slowed down on his new idea's ? Maybe he decided early on after acquiring fame and fortune that he would milk this for all its worth or his publisher wantd that.In conclusion may his "flaming,bloody" next book be soon or may "soulbiter" take him.

>>By major mayhem   (Wednesday, 11 Jun 2003 20:29)

I was very disappointed in the Crossroads of Twilight. Like so many others, I agree that it has felt like he has been milking the series for the past several books. It really could have ended years ago. I love the rich fantasy world that Jordan has created but he's got to give us SOMETHING in each book. Reading Crossroads was like eating a bag of Gummie Bears: it tasted good while consuming it but when I was finished, I realized it was nothing but a bunch of empty calories and I was still hungry for more. He has created such a rich universe that there are TONS of things he could do if he finishes this series. I would love to have a trilogy or two that takes place in the time of the Age of Legends. Let's explore those earlier (or is it later? ;-) times when wielders of the True Source were amazingly gifted. This one needs to end now.

>>By Gummi Bears   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 04:35)

crossroads of twilight is so weak that i almost don't even care to read the next book. of course i have to because the first seven books were so damn good and i know if he tries hard enough he can pull off a sick conclusion. enough characterization though, i want some goddamn plot! absolutely nothing happened in book ten. a three hundred page book by lets say r. a. salvatore has twenty times the plot and action as an 800 page jordan. we have all read your first nine books so we already know what is going on. this is not a movie sequel where you have to intoduce all the nuances of every character over and over again. if the next story comes out within the next five years(please!) i might have to wait and see what other people say before i shell out thirty bucks for another dissappointing sequel with zero satisfaction. at least the new george r.r.martin "a feast for crows" is coming out soon, so i can enjoy a book by someone who acually cares and gives out a story his fans deserve. jordan you suck!

>>By the traitor   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 06:55)

Crossroads of Twilight is so weak that i almost don't even care to read the next book. Of course I have to because the first seven books were so good and I know if he tries hard enough he can pull off a sick conclusion. Enough characterization though, I want some plot! Absolutely nothing happened in book ten. A three hundred page book by, lets say R. A. Salvatore has twenty times the plot and action as an 800 page Jordan. We have all read your first nine books so we already know what is going on. This is not a movie sequel where you have to intoduce all the nuances of every character over and over again. if the next story comes out within the next five years(please!) I might have to wait and see what other people say before I shell out thirty bucks for another dissappointing sequel with zero satisfaction. At least the new George R.R. Martin "A Feast For Crows" is coming out soon, so i can enjoy a book by someone who acually cares and gives out a story his fans deserve. Martin is definitely my number one epic fantasy writer these days. Jordan, you've failed us.

>>By the traitor   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 07:02)

I loved the 'Eye of the World', and stuck with Mr. Jordan through the first eight books. However, I'm disappointed by the series. The plot moves at a glacial pace. The discussions/descriptions of clothing alone would fill a book. I ended up disliking ALL the major characters.

I'm afraid Sean Russell is following the same path in his new 'Swans' War' series.

>>By Vorpal   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 21:12)

I must agree with the above comments. Please, please, please, please get to some plot and move it forward. I also feel there are numerous inconsistencies - Aes Sedai can torture each other in violation of the 'oaths' is just the most glaring. Where he has left the plot with Twilight, I don't understand how this story can reasonably be wrapped up in less than 2 more books <groan!>. The first 6 books were great, but the characters and the plot has been horribly stagnant since. I seem to remember hearing somewhere along the line this was going to be a 10 book series and was truly disappointed when it didn't end here. Mr Jordan, please listen and wrap it up! Write sequels and prequels or even take a lesson from LE Modesitt and write about events from the Seanchan or evil side AFTER you have finished this series. I have enjoyed the story, but after reading this for almost 10 years, am ready for some closure.

>>By Mystrymn   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 19:30)

From what i heard and understood R.J. planned on at least 10 books from the first. the first few books were really strong and the later seemed a little slow and tedious to read. they still flow and i think it's kind of a lull before the storm.

>>By Matt   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 22:19)

I have only read the seven first books, and I still waits for The Path Of Daggers. Therefore I got a bit dispointed when some of you said the newest books wasnt that good. I`ve grown to be a big fan of Jordan, and the Wheels Of Time series is the best litterature I ever have read. I think it is better the Lord Of The Rings.. I cant wait to read the rest of the Wheels Of Time.. Therefore my quistion is: Is the latest book really bad, I mean like in bad written? Or is it just boring, but still a masterwork...? Please answer guys...

>>By Jo Andre (norway)   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 00:35)

Some of u say that there is some similarities in the "Belgariad" but in the the "Sword of truth" by T.Goodkind its almost the same story...

I think too that RJ have to stop this cycle and make a new book. The story is going too complex. But maybe he has to settle some things befor the end... :(

>>By Anneoldon   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 02:15)

I have just finished reading the dragon reborn and am beggining to think that the books are becoming a bore. I almost couldn't be bothered to order the next one from the library. Oh and for the people who are buying the books why dont you order books from a library. its a lot cheaper and i dont have to pay at all cos i order books so often. from reading your comments i might give up on reading this seiries. oh and i think the belgariard is much better cos it doesnt drag on forever

>>By candy   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 13:32)

I started reading Eye of the World about 3 months ago, and now i have like 30 pages left of Crossroads of the Twighlight. A lot of people complain that Jordan has gone downhill the last few books, and before i read them i was getting ready for the last books to just suck....I think they were great, so much has been accomplished, espesically in COT, just look at it, we are gettin set of for a huge ass battle between the Seanchin and the Shaido, in which i hope that faile gets killed :), the last battle is only a couple of books away, i wouldn't be suprised if Rand finally stops gettin dizzy, which by the way i have a great theory on why he is getting dizzy, i am expection some kind of confrontation between the two rifts of asha'man taims fraction and rands faction, and jordan just has a lot to set up before TG. so i am not at all disspointed, with the exception of the politicalness involving elyane, in the last couple of books

>>By jeepdriver98   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 06:02)

i mostly had the same state as the driver here,expecting CoT to suck. but it is a sort of a set u up for the great things to come book..
and there is more stuff then whats been said there is egwene and asha'man's treaty, and seanchin and rand's treaty and of course mat has something coming up as well.
the books didnt suck when i read it even after my fears that it will.the next ones will be interesting and i dunno when they might be released so if anyone here knows the pass the word.

>>By s.s.   (Thursday, 30 Oct 2003 21:18)

For those of you who have just recently started reading the series perhaps the last book wouldn't seem so disappointing. However, many readers have been sitting on the series for years. After having to wait years in between the last few books it becomes almost irritating that we're not getting much plot movement. I agree with the person who wrote that we already know the characters well. At the end of COT nothing had happened, we were in the same place we were before the book began and know we have who knows how long to wait until the next book. If RJ isn't going to finish the series soon he needs to at least toss us a bone of action at some point or other.
As for the comment on the similarities between Eddings, Jordan, and Goodkind I have to say that for the most part fantasy series will follow a similar pattern and take on many similar characteristics, evil is taking over the realm, an unlikely hero and his "mysterious" powers are the only hope, his/her friends provide stability and education. Each series however has it's own charm. They're similar enough to attract the same audiences but different enough to keep us interested in each.
Long Live Fantasy
(but Short lived WOT please)!

>>By Seemoni   (Saturday, 8 Nov 2003 18:17)

Jordans next book, New Spring, comes out in January. Its a prequel and is about how morriane and lan met, and how morraine began her journey for the Dragon Reborn.

>>By jeepdriver98   (Tuesday, 11 Nov 2003 19:16)

this writer is amazing.
he has not finished his present series yet and he plans on releasing a prequel?
what... has he run out of ideas or something?
its very irritating to wait so long.

>>By s.s.   (Wednesday, 12 Nov 2003 21:45)

Apparently he was asked to write a story for a magazine, but ended up wanting to write a lot more. Therefore we have New Spring.

>>By scottgodb   (Thursday, 20 Nov 2003 19:02)

when will it end? the series is great, one of the best i've read in years. it will rank high in my list of best fantasy books ever written. can't wait to read the CoT, which unfortunately is still not available in the philippines, and hope to know more of mat after his absence in the PoD.

>>By pigeon   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 09:35)

According to a recent interview jordan says that he hopes to finish the series up in two more books, which normally would make me happy but as slow as he is i wouldn't be suprised if it was still another 4-5 years before he finished. The last I heard the next book should be out in spring of 2005. so it might be around 2008 before he finishes. and i really liked new spring great novel.

>>By jeepdriver98   (Thursday, 15 Jan 2004 02:31)

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