Robert Anton Wilson


I believe it is in the best interest of human kind to read Prometheus Rising. RAW is a genius beyond cognitive reasoning and he created a book that might just enlighten you.

>>By hk   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2003 00:09)

Hey Hk. I couldn't agree more. Prometheus Rising is the first book in a while that made me think, hey, as soon as I finish this I'm going to read it again! Then find the rest of his works. I am currently reading Cosmic Trigger 1, which is mind-expanding as well. His books are difficult to find over here and money is tight at the moment, but I still made the effort, and I believe it's worth it.


>>By gerry   (Tuesday, 29 Jul 2003 12:08)

I read prometheus rising and it changed my life. I find quarters everywhere! OK, seriously, RAW is my favorite author. I believe that Cosmic Trigger 1,2&3 are his best books....and you don't even have to read them in order...Just following his thought process has to make you smarter. YOU'RE MY BOY RAW!

>>By POPPYCOCK!   (Saturday, 2 Aug 2003 04:04)

I think it is indeed nessasery to read his books in order.

He is trying to give people the tools to de-program themselves, and this works most if you read the books as follows:

Prometheus rising
Cosmic trigger Vol 1-3
Quantum psychology
Right where you are sitting now.

Of course, all his other books are V good too, but I would argue that these above titles form the core of his purpose.

Life changing indeed!!!!!!!

>>By burning man   (Thursday, 6 Jan 2005 23:10)

This isn't in reference to anyone on this page, but have you ever noticed how much Wilson's books seem appeal to schiczophreniacs? I'm talking about a clinical diagnosis here, not just "crazy people."

>>By conl   (Sunday, 9 Jan 2005 19:45)

This is because the consciousness of schizophrenics is not limited to a small amount of thoughts and experiences, as are the minds of the majority of 'sane' people. This is involuntary and unfortunate for schizophrenics, who are often presented with unpleasant experiences.

Because Wilson's books make reference to and result from many very deep, profound and astonishing mental experiences, schizophrenics may be able to relate to them. However, his books are intended especially for people who have had a broader range of consciousness and experience but who have done so intentionally and with awareness, rather than merely through mental illness - such people who, having seen clearly what lies outside the cotton-wool world of TV, 9-5 jobs and alcohol-drowned weekends and allowed their vision to deepen their understanding of what it means to be human, could well be called the most sane of us all.

>>By Obfuscated   (Sunday, 23 Nov 2008 16:23)

good writer. provocative. Huge proponenent of Timothy Leary's circuits of consciousness model of self understanding. the idea that the dominant ideas we view the world through were all imprinted in us in an accidental way makes a lot of sense. helps ya not take yourself so seriously. . . I also like that he's a trickster. Encourages a sense of responsibility for your own experience.

>>By empty   (Sunday, 14 Dec 2008 21:06)

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