Richard Price


Basically, I am looking for anything to do with Richard Price lately, because I've read his first three novels (that were very difficult to find) and they just blew my mind. THen I saw Sea of Love, and okay, it wasn't WOW, and it had kinda' naff eighties music, I still found it very absorbing, and the same goes for Ransom (although not so much with Colour of Money). But anyway, those movies don't even COMPARE with the likes of The Wanderers, Blood Brothers or Ladies Man. I couldn't get into Clockers, nor FreedomLand, and my feeling is he got less personal and passionate the older he got, but I'm still looking for one of his earlier ones called The Breaks, and apparently his latest The Samaritan is great. So... anybody share my interest in this guy? Let me know

>>By Agent Gooper   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 02:16)

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