Peter Matthiessen


I am about 1/3 of the way into The Snow Leopard and find P.M.'s style of writing very unique, and have always been fascinated with Tibet and Nepal after reading several books about mt. climbing in the Himalaya. My main curiosity is whether or not Mr. Matthiessen is still living.
I find his knowledge of botany incredible and also enjoy his personal life interjections.

>>By Brigid   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 21:38)

I'm reading "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" and not sure if I want to finish it. It's overwhelmingly sad. The book was copyrighted 1980 but not released til 1992 because of law suits. The "Powers that be", it seems, really did not want this to get out . I read "Bury My Heart In Wounded Knee" in the early 70's and was just blown away by sadness and finally after 40 years HBO has just released the movie.
It's so awful that the original natives of this land we call America are treated like our worst enemies and are not even regarded as human. I'm sure if anyone other than P.M., with all his wonderful highly regarded accomplishments in his back pocket ,had written this it would not have made it to the shelves. I thank God for the Judges who overturned every effort to keep us from seeing this perspective.
A must read for everyone regardless of the disturbing themes. I hope that it's not to late for America to wake up.

>>By MissSuze   (Monday, 11 Jun 2007 18:51)

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