Percy Bysshe Shelley


when J was very young, j did an analysis about a poetry of this author " Stanzas written in dejection near Naples ".
After almost thirty years, J gave a look again to this poet.
J 've found his actuality and new interesting critics that look at him
like a no-global : vegetarian, pacifist, extremist.
Socialist workers dedicated an happening about him.
The anglo-saxon world can tell me something about this new appeal and how the academic world look at this thing ?

>>By esterbacci   (Thursday, 21 Sep 2006 22:16)

Well, in a nutshell the appeal is twofold: first, Shelley as political is obviously very 'left'; second, he is just one of the most gifted poets in the English canon. As the academic world drifts further and further left, the first is more and more compelling. As Shelley died young, his gifts perhaps never reached their full development, and he was not alwaays very disciplined, but see reason one: these things are less and less held against him.
That's just one man's view.
Best wishes

>>By Dirk   (Friday, 29 Sep 2006 23:56)

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