Patrick Robinson


Mr. Robinsons writing skills are self evident. However, his use of "jesus christ" or "christ" borders on gratuitous. Having served in the us Army, and exposed to all the military world has to offer in terms of foul language, I never heard my Lord's name used in vain to the extent the author used it in "U.S.S. Seawolf"..............Please Mr. Robinson, it is not necessary, to sell your skills, and offends me to hear it used to the abusive extent that you do. Trust me I do not have "virgin ears"

>>By Gary   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 19:11)

Mr. Robinson has quickly moved himself into the forefront of modern day military fiction, easily surpassing the contrived plots and ghost written bestelling authors such as Mr. Clancy.

The introduction of Senator Kennedy into latest novel "The Shark Mutiny" was a stroke of genius......and a good natured jab in the rib of a few critics. I loved it.

Keep up the great work

>>By Andy   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 15:07)

I just finished Shark Mutiny and is was just as outstanding as his other books. I liked Nimitz Class the best of his books, but there was nothing wrong this this novel at all. I wanted to see Dan Headley cleared of the charges, but in the end, I understood why the court martial decision came down as it did.

In all the Robinson works, the characters are so well described that a clear mental picture is easily formed of the cast. The one exception, as I recall, is the NSA, Admiral Morgan. He has been one of the most sted fast characters through all of the books, but I dont know what he looks like. In my minds eye, I see him as one in the same as Admiral James Greer from the Clancy books. James Earl Jones saying, "Mother of God" from the command deck of the Rubin James in "Hunt for the Red October" always comes to mind when Morgan bellows out, "KATHY!!" I would like to know what image Robinson has of this most central figure in his stories.

Having just finished "Shark," I will head off to the book store tomorrow to buy his latest "945." Shark Mutiny has cost me a good deal of sleep since I purchased the book five days ago, but there is plenty of time for sleep in the grave. Until then, I hope that Robinson keeps blowing the other military techno thriller writers right out of the water, so to speak. Bravo Zulu to Patrick Robinson.

Cleveland, Ohio

>>By Gunslinger   (Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003 10:53)

Going to get diamondhead tomorrow really enjoyed the non fiction book he wrote called lone survior.

>>By Welshman   (Friday, 23 Apr 2010 05:30)

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