Nicole Krauss


Well I have just finished reading The History of Love, thanks to Richard and Judys reccomendation. It was an amazing book, full of wonderful characters. However it is a rather complicated book, but stick with it if you are thinking of giving up, as it all becomes clear at the end. Speaking of the ending, what a great ending it was was, also quite sad but a lovely ending to a lovely book.

>>By Christi   (Monday, 20 Feb 2006 21:30)

Sometimes I cry at the movies, occasionally listening to music, but it is not often a book makes me cry. "The History of Love", a multi-levelled novel with so many parallels between its various sub-plots, succeeded in making me cry at the end. Or maybe it didn't make me, maybe I wanted to anyway. As a sixth-generation descendant of all-British emigrants to this far-off bit of flotsam (now jetsam) of the British Empire, it could be hard to relate to the experiences of Polish Jews pushed out Europe to the Americas. Yet there was still much in this book I could relate to; the dislocation of emigration, the discontinuity of family background, the strange misunderstandings of the youthful mind, and the experience of Love is of course universal. Speaking as an older male, I was impressed when I realised half-way through that this voice of an old man was being written so believably by such a young woman. Not a book I was expecting to like, but the intriguing plot structure and realistic internal dialogues of the characters drew me in, as did the overall romantic story.

>>By flamencoprof   (Thursday, 24 Jan 2008 10:17)

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