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INTERVIEW broadcast: Saturday, Dec. 28th, 3pm Eastern US time. Join us for an in depth conversation with Nick Bantock. Visit to find details. ENTER THE CONTEST at our site and possibly win one of the following items: Four 10th Anniversary gold-stamped copies of "Griffin & Sabine", each autographed by Nick Bantock... One copy of "Alexandria", autographed by Nick Bantock... Five sets of "The Gryphon" stationary collection. Items graciously donated by Chronicle Books and Nick Bantock. Open online chat with Nick to come soon too. Thanks, Kris -- Email me at:

Thanks, Kris
Delicious Agony

>>By Kris - Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 10:32)

Absolutely lyrical as music almost as good. the books are treasures..... take care of them....they are gifts....

>>By iwishiwereabondgirl   (Thursday, 5 Jan 2006 13:22)

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