Nicholas Evans


I am a person who never liked to read until I read "The Loop". Awesome book!! I then read "The Horse Whisper" followed by the best ever book "The Smoke Jumper". I cannot wait for the next book. When will it be available and what will it be about?

>>By Vicki   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 10:14)

I believe the author of Business Agility is not the same author as that of "The Horse Whisper". The former one is a e-business guru, a Director in Emerging Technology Practice of a world's leading professional services organization. He has a long list of profile, so busy that I don't think he has time to write novels.

BTW, Business Agility is easy to read too. I am reading it now.

>>By Pete   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 10:14)

Hey can some one tell me bout the ending of the book??

>>By Jared   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 10:14)

I need to know why he wrote the book horse whispeer. I am wrighting a report on mr evans. please resond asap.

>>By sarah   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 03:17)

I need to know the main purpose on why Mr. Evans wrote the book "The Horse Whisper" , I 'm doing a report , I need to know asap!

>>By Michelle   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 18:18)

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