Morley Callaghan


During my studies I have found that many people read Callaghans memoir " That Summer In Paris" for his insights on two Great American Writers- Hemmingway and Fitzgerald. I am not a fan of Callaghans writing style but I do think that he has given us something to use as a comparison and contrast against H&F's work. It validates that "That Summer in Paris" actually happened and gives us another version of the story.

>>By Lisa   (Monday, 10 Mar 2003 19:57)

do you have any really good information that I could use on a author study on Morley Callaghan?

>>By kali   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 20:07)

It is curious to me that one of Canada's most prolific and long-lasted authors should have so little dependable information available about him. For instance, one source on net says he lived in Paris for years; another, for eight months; a third for six weeks. Similarly, everything is vague about his time on the Toronto Star.

>>By John David Hamilton   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 21:01)

i try to know something about morley callaghan because i have to write an essay from his book, MORE JOY IN HEAVEN. IF anybody who have already read it, and had some opinions about it, please give me some helps, sending me email by using this,thanks

>>By tim   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 20:29)

I'm doing a project on "The Loved and The Lost" and part of this project includes a synopsis of Callaghan's life. Problem: I cannot find information about this man ANYWHERE! If anyone could help me in ANY way it would be GREATLY appreciated. My e-mail is:

Thank you in advance!

>>By Elly   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 03:07)

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>>By nirubica   (Monday, 5 May 2003 18:45)

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