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What was the origin for the Miss Read books, was it a primary schoool near Newbury Berks, UK, perhaps Burghclere Primary School ?

Also the author's husband Mr Saint, one time school master at Newbury Grammar, was he in RAF bomber command during WWII?

any thoughts on these Q's reply to mike99f@yahoo.com

>>By mike friend   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 17:53)

Miss Read books are among my favourites, even though I came to them late--just a few years ago.

In The World of Thrush Green, Dora Saint describes the situation she and her husband found themselves in during WWII as a young married couple. The real name of the town was Wood Green in the Cotswolds. I do believe Mr. Saint was in the RAFs but as I don't have the book here at work with me, I can't quite remember all the details. Will bring it to work tomorrow.

If you don't have TWOTG and you like Miss Read, you might want to think about getting a copy.

My question is why the books haven't been "done" on film or tv. They seem perfect for a BBC production, especially the first, Village School.

>>By StickyToffee   (Wednesday, 1 Nov 2006 20:49)

I agree it would be great if the Miss Read stories were produced for TV.

BBC radio did some play type episodes at one time. They are available on cassette, second hand now I think - The Villagers Of Thrush Green.

Also on the recent CD's of Fairacre stories there is an interview with Miss Read which is very good.

>>By Marieliz   (Wednesday, 30 May 2007 23:30)

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