Michael Crichton


I think that if you like the nanotechnology aspects of PREY then you've got to take a look at a non-fiction book called "The Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology & Micromachines." A rather stark and objective analysis of what's coming, when, and from where.

>>By glennfish   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

Have read all of Crichton's books, love every single one, and am looking for another author to try while waiting for another Crichton book. Any suggestions?

>>By ljmn   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 23:58)

I'm reading his "Timeline" at the moment - found it on a shelf in a charity shop. It's like the book I've always wanted to read but never imagined could possiblely exist. I'm takeing my time over it though, I want to savour it untill I get round to ordering another of his books from amazon. So glad I walked into that charity shop when I did - best £1 I've ever spent!

>>By Snowgirly girl   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 16:48)

something about the way you taste
makes me want to clear my throat
there's a message to your movements
that really gets my goat
i looked for sniffy linings
but you're rotten to the core
i've had just about all i can take
you know i can't take it no more
got a gut feeling
centered 'round long time ago
on your ability to torment
then you took your tongs of love
and stripped away my garment
got a gut feeling

Give a specific example to demonstrating the ‘Truth Tests’ applicable to religion.

“paul, I believe it to be true. Why would I believe in anything that is not true? If you do not believe it to be true, you are implying that I believe in a lie.” Jerrie Jorgensen ~ beloved mother

Religious faith and religion (as well as that of a fervent atheist and sincere AA adherents) offer or rather insist on the idea of absolute, of a total and finished truth that has not been achieved by science which remains on a continuous cycle of proving any established theory. We know that even in physics, the theories are relative and questionable as to their universal reach, such as the laws of gravitation and the quanta, which have not been integrated in a single theory for macro and microcosm. The ‘Convenience of God’s Will’ is a mechanism that accommodates one’s self-serving mind; faith and ‘belief’ one’s mind (not one’s heart) serving an accommodating mean’s to an end.

The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet, the light of the bright world dies
With the dying sun.
The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet, the light of a whole life dies
When love is done.

‘…Then the beam of moonlight froths up, and a torrent of light gushes out of it and overflows in all directions. The moon is mistress of all, the moon plays, dances, gambles. Then a woman of incomparable beauty emerges from the brook and walks toward paul, leading by the hand a grotesque buck toothed woman who looks around her with frightened eyes. paul recognizes her at once; she is Number 112, his nocturnal visitor. paul stretches his arms to her in his sleep and cries out breathlessly: “So, that was how it ended?” “That was how it ended, my pitiful sucker,” answers Number 112, and then the beautiful woman approaches paul and says: “Yes, of course, that is how it was. Everything ended, and everything ends…And I shall kiss you on the forehead, and all will be with you as it should be…” She bends over paul and kisses his forehead, and paul stretches toward her and looks into her eyes, but she recedes, d’cends, withdraws with her companion to the moon… And then the moon bursts into frenzy, it tumbles streams of light upon paul, it splashes light in all directions, a moon-flood fills the room, the light sways, rises, washes over the bed. And it is then that paul sleeps with a blissful face (of lunacy?). In the morning, he awakens silent, but entirely calm and well. His lacerated memory subsides, and no one will trouble him until the next full moon - but, as with an ancient Chinese master and his story of the Wake-Dream…how is it to d’cern between being awake and sleeping?’

>>By rauksolid   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 22:37)

Ive read Adromeda Strain, jurassic park, lost world, sphere, timeline, eaters of the dead, rising sun in that order. Of all these id have to say 13th warrior is the best even though it isnt his writing i still enjoyed it the best

>>By Billy Pilgrim   (Sunday, 29 Feb 2004 09:38)

je, je... Well, I was in another discussion, and I was asking myself why there was so few comments about and author like this (because personally, I like his books very much), but now I realize that we were with a wrong spelling... Laught everybody, imagine a fan writting "Michael Chricton"... Je, je... Great author, isn´t he?
I love Sphere and Jurassic Park?

>>By Kirei Gabrielle   (Friday, 5 Mar 2004 18:32)

if you liked crichton i would suggest you give william gibson a try... mona lisa overdrive... also wrote johnny neumonic,a short story that was made into passable movie

>>By jammyjo   (Monday, 12 Apr 2004 17:14)

timeline's the only title i've read; i quite liked it.

>>By raspberry_juice   (Sunday, 18 Feb 2007 03:08)

Does anybody have an opinion about State of Fear ?
Mine is in absolute coincidence with the writer

>>By K-PAX   (Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007 23:54)

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