Mercedes Lackey


read all of her books and the ones she has has written in concourse with others

>>By papabear   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

I don’t know anything much about Mercedes Lackey, however I feel that her novels is a whole incorporation of the most important elements that makes her books so exquisite. She is able to bring the characters to real life, also she is able to present an emotional feel in her elaboration of a relationship and complicated havoc of life in and within her characters, she displays a hue of imagination a kin to the liking of her fans without over fantasizing the magical parts and she somehow rather has the gift of dragging a precarious reader to get entwined in her web of stories and tell-tales. Her points in her novels remains to stand erected on a foundation of basic moral attributes, and proper statures to be an all-rounded person should acquire. She stresses more on responsibility, thinking before uttering something that makes you regret at the end, teaching us to be careful in choosing words and when it is difficult in choosing the correct words just SHUT UP! Her integration of many adventures of both, dramatic and simple seems an unending suppression of climatic suspense.

>>By Johnboz   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

I absolutely love Mercedes Lackey books. I have two of her Valdemar series left to read; Oathblood, and Exile's Valor (which is supposed to come out in November). I loved every one of her books that I read. My favorite series are the Last Herald-Mage Triliogy and Arrows of the Queen trilliogy.

>>By stardream   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 23:52)

I read everything of hers I can get my hands on. I also love the Valdemar series the best. I think the first thing I read was in one of Marian Zimmer Bradley's Magazines or anthologies.

>>By Zpint   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 23:16)

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