Mary Gentle


Hi you all,

I like fantasy & sf literature and mary gentle belongs to my absolute favorites (she comes just after phillip k. dick in my personal rating). What i especially like in her writing is that it evolves over time in character and quality, and that she able to really surprise her readers. Most remarkable i find that rape of a woman by a woman in (??? was it "architecture of desire" or some related story?). I mean of course I abhore rape of persons of any gender by persons of any gender, but in the context of gentles piece of fiction is has immense power as a poetic motive, given that the perpetrator is somehow the heroe.

I actually wonder about her sexual preferences; i know one shouldn't confuse the author and the human being behind it. somehow she (i.e. the abstract author) tastes somehow like the typical bi woman for me. And some of her work, especially 1614, has much BDSM stuff in it, doesn't it?

Anyone interested to share his/her view?


>>By elke   (Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006 20:56)

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