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I'm looking for biographical information on this author...

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There isn't a whole lot of bio info available about her that isn't in Swedish and, even the Swedish info is rather sparse. She seems to like her privacy. The basics are that she was born to a working class family (boat makers) in 1927 in Göteborg (west coast of Sweden) and got a better education than most women at the time. She worked for many years for different magazines and newspapers such as "Allt om mat" (Everything about Food) and the big Swedish daily "Svenska Dagbladet". At the Dagbladet she was responsible for creating the "Today Page" which was apparently a big hit. She wrote her first book in 1980 and is one of the most respected voices in Swedish arts and letters today.
I was lucky enough to see a recent German documentary about her where she talked about her life and her beliefs. In a country like Sweden which is virtually atheist, she is one of the few who would describe themselves as "Christian". As is obvious from her books, she is very interested in freeing the Bible and the figure of Jesus from historical and organized religious dogma. This is what she mainly talked about: how to really see the figures of the Bible and learn from them, one must piece together the story and look at it anew. She also spoke about feminism and how she didn't see herself as a feminist. She claimed that women's stories interest her more and that she feels more comfortable with them. End of story.
Novelized "Bible Stories" by her which have not been published in English yet (but which make up the bulk of her 12 novels) are ones called (approx) "The Flood", "Eve", "Able's Brother", and "Norea's Story". Another book that is more or less about the 3 wise men is called "De som vandrar i natten" (Those Who Wander in the Night). For my money, this last one is her best book.

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Has the book, The Enigma by
Marianne Fredriksson been released in
Trying to find a revue of it for reading.

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I am enjoying her book, "Hanna's Daughters" I am looking for more ilnformation on Marianne Fredriksson to gather for my book club review. If there is more information on her, I would love to find the website of other sources of information in English.
Thanks so much.

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