Marcel Proust


Ha! I guess I'm the first one to comment about Marcel Proust. Well, for all of you who might read this, let it be known that he's worth the effort. Well worth the effort. The effect of 'In Search of Lost Time' is difficult to describe, but, in a non-theologic vein, 'God is in the details' is a good of an indication as any.

>>By Van Norden   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 21:08)

No, Van Norden, you're not the first to comment on Proust. Too bad the previous comments on his works have been deleted... I like your indication though, however brief it is for such a long-winded work (In Search of Lost Time).
My now "lost" comment was on the original French version, À la recherche du temps perdu. I read it many years ago, but as I remember it, and Proust goes a long way with a little remembering, it is very impressive in a soul searching manner. I used to joke that lost time was a metaphor for the elusive kiss the narrator's mother would give him. Now I feel another reading of Proust is essential, except one must find time to do so...

>>By Noudjali   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 23:12)

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