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game, set and match discussion?

>>By excession   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 17:58)


I would like to purchase a copy of the game, set and match series. I believe it was produced by Granada television. Any help would be most appreciated.

Steve Moody

>>By Steve Moody   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003 00:19)

Sorry, it was never released commercially. Apparently, Len Deighton was not happy with the production and has blocked all attempts to realease it. I have been told, however, that it is possible to get a copy of the series from Granada but it is VERY expensive. Personally. I have acquired 10 of the 12 episodes on tape from various sources (and have a line on the other two) but sadly they cannot be copied (as a whole) very easily as they are in different formats (PAL, NTSC, Beta, VHS - and even VCD). Finding someone who has a complete set is difficult and, even if you do, persuading them to make a copy for you may be even more so. Some people do not wish to be hassled with frequent requests for copies (and I don't blame them!). We can only hope that some entrepreneur persuades Len Deighton to change his mind and allow a commercial release.

>>By scrooge   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 14:09)

I don't blame Deighton for trying to suppress the triolgy "Berlin: Game, Set, and Match". While Ian Holm is a great actor, he was not a good choice to play Bernard Samson. And, the television adaptation was jerky and unclear. I was very disappointed in the PBS presentation.

When I get a hankering for a Bernard Samson fix, I just read the books again. There were nine in the series, but some of the last ones were a bit of a stretch, plot wise, and not a little bloated. However, from all the pleasure I've received from the series, I will forgive Deighton a ramble or two.

Anyone reading this series for the first time should first read "Winter". This book explains Bernard Samson's father and the roots of Bernard's mindset.

Deighton hasn't written anything in a while. Do you suppose he's quit?

>>By Tucker   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 16:55)

Len Deighton is my favorite spy novelist. I have Berlin Game, Mexico Set, and London Match on VHS. The quality is "so-so" ... but it's worth a watch. I do wish I could copy this for everybody that wants it, but that would unfortunately be a copyright violation and the dmca is a large bear that will eat me.

Watching Berlin Game as a type this... and eagerly awaiting the day this gem comes out on DVD.



>>By JustaBill   (Friday, 19 Dec 2003 04:34)

I guess Deighton is still alive?

>>By Doug Phillips   (Monday, 15 Oct 2007 18:46)

I hear that Quentin Tarantino is thinking about a remake of Game, Set, and Match. Len Deighton recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

>>By Doug Phillips   (Saturday, 10 Oct 2009 23:52)

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