Kay Redfield Jamison


This is one of the books I read when first diagnosed with bipolar illness, and although the brave honesty was appreciated, the style and the writer, herself, are very disappointing. The style is too choppy, as if the writer were still manic. She, on the other hand, demonstrated, through her writing, a complete lack of regard for the feelings of other people and an very large ego, which causes her to look down her nose at others. Where is the simple respect for others? And if she regards herself better than others because of the wider band the illness causes people to emote, how can she hold herself accountable for her actions? More importantly, how can she consider her ability to emote better and judge others' ability as less when she is no one but herself? Perhaps if Ms. Jamison could step in another's shoes and experience the emotions of that person for one day, she would know what she is talking about. What I did learn from her book was how not to behave and how important it is to hold one's self accountable for one's actions.

>>By redcatdave   (Monday, 16 Jun 2003 06:42)

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