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Kathy REichs,
I am a columnist for the Latvian Newspaper LAIKS out of New York...your "Paldies par ju' su mi' lesti' bu" rang bells for a journalist. I am interested, with your cooperation, in doing a story more on "the Latvian kid who made good" or Parson who made good thanks Latvian heritage (in laws possibly). There is an interesting story buried here, so please help me write it. Just found approximately 20 books on BARNES & NOBLE shelves by Ivars Peterson, a Toronto kid, who writes on physics, astronomy, history and is raising his son, in Washington DC, to remember his heritage....Stories of interest. Can we cook something pleasing to you up for our readers???
Luhdzu palihdziet!
Ja' anis Bi' belnieks

>>By Janis Bibelnieks   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 00:28)

Can't believe nobody is discussing this author. The ONLY author that I rush out to buy a new publication from without even reading the synopsis.

What can we discuss? How Tempe always ends up in severe danger but survives? How can such a clever woman be that daft sometimes? The long slow burn of the relationship with Andrew Ryan. I'm so pleased she hasn't rushed this, more like real life. I think Kathy Reichs is one of the best authors of this genre, by which I mean semi-autobiographical, thinly disguised heroine, much of her is in the character of Tempe (I think so - disagree?)

It has been quoted on the Andy McNab / Chris Ryan boards that writing in the first person is the technique of the novice. CR has moved on but AM continues in this format. Anyone think that KR will progress to new characters and third person style or will she continue the Tempe character and situations and scenarios with which she is familiar?

>>By Lisle45   (Wednesday, 30 Mar 2005 20:34)

Well, I have just finished the latest "Break No Bones" in the usual 24 hours non-stop. A welcome return to form after the awful Cross Bones, what the hell was all that about?

Was interested in the comments from KR at the end of the novel regarding the TV series Bones. KR states that the character Temperence Brennan is the same one as appears in her books but "... is at an earlier point in her career..." Hmmm OK so where is Pete and the daughter in the TV programme then? She married Pete at 19. I guess he is an inconvenience that would prevent the will they won't they relationship with Boothe. Is this trying to re-create the plot line with Ryan that appears in the books?

The TV programme doesn't really work for me, the character is nothing like she appears in the books.

Don't miss out on this writer. The plots are well thought out, twisting and turning, requires some attention to keep up with it, high on entertainment value, ever so slightly gruesome and far better than Cornwell

>>By Lisle45   (Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 20:11)

Just finished reading "Break no Bones". While the book was ok, I felt as though I read and read, only to be let down at the end. In contrast to Lisle45 above... I'd have to say I prefer The television show. It does work for me.

>>By Sticksmateo   (Sunday, 29 Jul 2007 08:13)

I started out with the TV show, really. I'm a big fan of Bones. I now read the first two of Reichs' novels, and yes, they are different from the show (or vice-versa;). I have to say, though, in my opinion, both the show and the books are great pieces of entertainment in their own rights.

I just love the unspoken, but strong relationship between Tempe and Booth. All the criminology stuff is just so fascinating! I've seen a bit of CSI, but Bones is just more interesting. I just find it very well balanced; lots of suspense and quite often very touching. (I'm only up to season three, though, I can't seem to find season four on DVD... Dx)

And the books are just awesome. I love the character of Temperance Brennan, very clever but then sometimes she's just so thick. Daft is a good word, yeah. I read Deja Dead and Death du jour in three days. Now I've got the next two as a double volume which should be great :D I just love cuddling up and just reading, especially in this kind of weather... brrr. So, I'm not too far into the series, I guess. Love it, though.

So, I think both work, each in their own medium. I'm glad I saw the show first, without any expectations as to how it should be. For me, there are two main characters. One in the show and one in the book. And I love both! And eventhough David Boreanaz (?) is not all that much like Ryan, he is just perfect for the part in the show.

I would like to say that this is (along with Extras) the only TV show that I get very excited over.

>>By Mizzi   (Tuesday, 1 Dec 2009 13:57)

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