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I have read two sets of books by this writer. One set called 'Catherine' has six books but I have been told there is a seventh called 'The Lady of Montsalvy'. Has anyone read it and where can I find it?

>>By grotbags   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 14:13)

If there is anyone out there that can let me know in wich order juliette benzoni books seriaes Marianne is.
I only heard good thing about this writer and while the books are quite readily available on E-bay i cant find any information which book is first, second and so on.
Please help

>>By 2323adriana   (Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 09:45)

Hello everyone

I know yours messages are very old ones but anyway ...
I am French and I have read every of her books so I can give you answers :

To Grotbags : Sorry but the 7th book of the series Catherine has never been translated into English ... My Swiss Friend Mistral who made a site in English about Catherine, the character from the books and from the French TV serie is doing a summarisation of the events : go and read it here : http://www.catherinedemontsalvy.ch

To 2323adriana : I have made a site in English dedicated to Juliette Benzoni where you can find all her books, country by country - come and visit it here : http://www.bibliojuliettebenzoni.unblog.fr
But I can give you the order of the books :
1. The Bride of Selton Hall
2. The Eagle and the Nightingale
3. Marianne and the Masked Prince
4. Marianne and the Privateer
5. Marianne and the Rebels
6. Marianne and the Lords of the East
7. Marianne and the Crown of Fire

I hope I have helped ... even very lately

>>By Frederique   (Sunday, 3 May 2009 16:15)

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