Julian Stockwin


Julian Stockwin appears to be highly underrated as a storyteller in the United States. While you can find any number of books in book stores by C. M. Forester, Dudley Pope, and Patrick O'Brian, all who write in the same Napoleonic Sea Battle genre, one is hardpressed to find books by Stockwin. Yet as much as I enjoy the other authors, Stockwin is a superior storyteller. His tales are more robust, his narrative is more imaginative, and his description is more detailed. Stockwin says he spends half his "writing" time in research, adding intricate historical detail to his stories, and it shows in the authenticity of his stories and characters. If you enjoy this genre and haven't read Stockwin yet, I urge you to try one -- then to get on the bandwagon of fans who read his works regularly.

>>By Booksville   (Friday, 28 Nov 2008 14:45)

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