Joseph Heller


i like dicks

>>By P0g0   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 23:37)

me too

>>By P0g0luver   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 08:11)

loves the cock?

>>By pimp   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 05:35)

I see this site is about dick discussion
It doesn't matter that Dostoeyevsky was Russian
Come and join the dick percussion

>>By Libro Giallo   (Sunday, 15 Feb 2004 16:08)

is this always populated by fools or do we discuss the writing ever?

>>By mickey_one   (Tuesday, 28 Jun 2005 15:54)

Ah, what a sad display. Catch-22 is hands down my favorite satire.

>>By Mezzanine   (Tuesday, 19 Jul 2005 05:29)

woo catch 22!

>>By antoboyo   (Monday, 1 Jun 2009 23:17)

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