John Marsden


I want to find a biography or autobiography on john marsden that is detailed about his life and about how he came about his books.

>>By deano   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

HI i would like to find out what it would like to be living a day in Mr Marsdens Shoe's.

>>By Mystic   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

he is the best writer in the universe

>>By matty   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

I think he is a good writer even those i dont read ANY books...books suck, why read books when you can watch movies !!!!!

>>By Mattus   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

How is his writing style?

>>By Writing style   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

I would like to get pictures of John Marsden's characters ,or at least profiles, from John Marsden's Tomorrow series books.

>>By Al   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:59)

It is so hard to find info on you about your life

>>By Lyn   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 08:19)

he is a good writer. I like the book So much to tell you and how he set it out.

>>By Katie   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 02:40)

I think there shoul be pictures of john marsden and his characters out of so much to tell you.

>>By Kellie   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 02:43)

The Tomorrow Series is, without a doubt, the best in the world. Marsden is a brilliant writer and I hope the series gets made into a movie!!!

>>By Jay   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 12:10)

He's Awsome!!!

>>By Robyn   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 16:24)

If you want profiles of the characters in "The Tomorrow Series" you can check out the following. - short (2 or 3 lines) but just about all the main characters

or - extensive review of each character, but limited to Fi, Lee, Homer, Corrie, Robyn and Chris. Currently missing Ellie and Kevin. Ellie cause she is hard to do justice to, Kevin cause I have trouble looking past my dislike of him.

If you want JM's bio, there is a link to it on, there is also a link to a very good interview with him on the same page.

If you want a detailed description of how he came to write the various novels, then you want the books "Marsden on Marsden". Most libraries in Oz will have a copy of you can find it via the bookshop links at

>>By Richard   (Saturday, 19 Apr 2003 13:21)

Lets try that again, should have been

>>By Richard   (Saturday, 19 Apr 2003 13:23)

John Marsden's Tomorrow series is so powerful and in depth that when I read the books I feel as if I have become the characters experiences their feelings. I recommend everyone to read them, but not only read them once. Read them over and over agian, study them, and they only become more powerful.

>>By A Reader   (Sunday, 20 Apr 2003 02:17)

Did you know he bats for the other team?   (Friday, 16 May 2003 01:56)

He's gaaaaaaaay

>>By Jared   (Friday, 16 May 2003 01:56)

He is a fantastic writer and he writes many intriguing and fantastic novels.

>>By Bella   (Monday, 30 Jun 2003 10:21)

i have been looking for hours for a ****ing photo of this guy and i can only find one photo of him the internet acsses SUXS majorly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By lu   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 10:10)

he suxs

>>By kay   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 10:11)

nah just joking he rocks

I didn’t want to read his book when my mum bought it for me. After I read it my reaction was an amazing, AMAZING, story that lets your imagination run wild and takes your mind on a truly emotional journey.

i didnt mean that he suxs before hes the coolest

>>By kay   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 10:13)

Why read books when you can see the movies?
Well, for one thing many books never have movies made of them.
Secondly, books don't have ratings, so a book meant for a young adult may well be classified MA+, because of supposed 'adult themes'. If this book was meant for young adults, why then are young adults too young to see it?
Movies often lack plot or depth of character, and it's often quite impossible to see truly what the protagonist is thinking.
Sorry about the lecturre...John Marsden is inspiring, especially the tomorrow series, but I have to say that he is not the best. His language is a bit simple, but he writes about issues that affect teens, even if they are in strange situations like an invasion of Australia.

>>By just_slightly_insane   (Saturday, 8 May 2004 08:12)

why do u mean his language is a bit simple? how would u define" SIMPLE LANGUAGE"?

>>By Mandelina   (Tuesday, 18 May 2004 22:24)

does anyone want to join a john marsden fanlisting?

>>By angel_eyes   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 06:17)

has anyone read Ellie Chorincals????????????????

>>By Dash   (Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 11:04)

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