John Kennedy Toole


A liked the Neon Bible. Coming of age story up there with Catcher in the Rye, Boy's Life, To Kill a Mockingbird. Also check out God's Mountain by Ernie Delucca. But nothing's as good as this lambchop I made. Delicious!!!

>>By bigfatlosernonotreally   (Tuesday, 23 Sep 2003 05:13)

i like the characters and enjoy the way he sees the world and life. It is a shame he killed himself so young he should have waited and let us see more of what his brains had to offer. in memory of Igantius Reilly have a great year.

>>By juan carlos   (Tuesday, 23 Dec 2003 14:19)

Has anyone checked out that philosopher Ignatius kept going on about? Boethius?
This was a complete story. Satisfying every valve on every reader lucky enough to have read it.

>>By Sexibeast   (Tuesday, 13 Apr 2004 15:16)

What a great author.. Im reading A Confederacy of Dunces at the moment and its so far making its way up to the top to the rank of the best book ever. Ignatius is a very wonderful character, along with Jones and Minkoff. Also i felt sorry for Miss Trixie, however it was very funny when she consantly called Ignatius: Gloria!

>>By Ctina   (Sunday, 5 Mar 2006 22:35)

"A Confederacy Of Dunces"
without a doubt
one of the funniest books i have ever read
one of the saddest 'back-stories' concerning it's author
John Kennedy Toole
you left too soon amigo
for gracing us with "A Confederacy Of Dunces"
before checkin'-out
i say to you
as the good Dr. Hunter S(tockton) Thompson used to say..........

>>By Helmet   (Monday, 6 Mar 2006 05:06)

This book impressed me as agreat comic masterpiece. Ignatius is the archetype of an anti-hero, if such an archetype can be said to exist. According to the Wikipedia entry there have been several attempts to film the book, intending to use John Belushi, John Candy, or Chris Farley, all of whom died tragically young. Perhaps there is a curse on this book.

I found the book in the cutout bin of a Half Priced Books shop for 10 dollars, in 1999. A beautiful hardbound edition. I still haven't read the Neon Bible, though.

>>By indeterminacy   (Tuesday, 7 Mar 2006 09:58)

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