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Who is the character Marty in Skipping Christmas?

>>By Dunlap   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:58)

That's exactly what I 'd like to know! I felt a bit cheated that the book ended without revealing how they knew him.

>>By jcp   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:58)

What a disappointment to read The King of Torts - nowhere near the standard of classic Grisham. Too predictable after about a quarter of the way in and sounding a little too puritanical and judgemental. Perhaps too much of Grisham's Christian moralising about the evils of greed, yet tinged with interesting hypocrisy when you consider the fortunes he has probably raked in on the sale of this book. No, I fear he is past it and is trading on his past reputation rather than coming up with books which live up to what readers are expecting when they buy one of his new titles.

>>By Roberto   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 16:59)

I absolutely loved all his earlier work and have been very disappointed with the last several titles. A Painted House left me wondering if someone else had written it under his name?

Undoubtedly my favourite has to be The Partner, closely followed by The Brethren and The Firm.

Disappointed with The Summons and King of Torts so far has failed to grip..

>>By Jean   (Friday, 2 May 2003 17:51)

I have never really read anything by John Grisham, I have heard that he is a very talented writer, right now I am in a Mary Higgins Clark phase, I really love her writing and I may even try some of John Grisham's, thanks for letting me express my opinion.

>>By Hannah Marie   (Friday, 16 May 2003 23:04)

I would definately recommend John Grisham. His books (save the last two) always suck me in right at the beginning and never let me go. My personal favourite book so far is A Painted House though I am also in love with The Client, The Firm and The Testament. As for the movies, my favourites are The Client first (I thought Brad Renfro was exactly like Mark Sway) and then A Time To Kill.

>>By Elf   (Tuesday, 22 Jul 2003 04:06)

Sorry to make two comments in a row but I forgot to mention that I heard they were making the movie The Runaway Jury with John Cusack and Rachael Weiz. Can anybody confirm this for me? Also I forgot to mention my favourite of all the Grisham books The Street Lawyer. The beginning is absolutely brilliant and for some reason the character of Michael Brock just speaks to me. It is a real slap in the face to realise how the homeless live. This was my favourite book of all time for quite a while.

>>By Elf   (Tuesday, 22 Jul 2003 04:11)

I agree wit u, Elf, i love a painted house, a new perspective of grisham's writing, viewing from a child's eye, wonder whether rick died in korea?does touched my heart as the reading continues, my favorite all time grisham book definitely is 'the rainmaker' (the movie was ok,though not up to my expectation) nevertheless matt damon was so cute playing rudy baylor. And for Hannah, try reading it you will love it, and for quite sometime now I really wanna start on Mary Higgins. any suggestion on which to start first?

>>By katt   (Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003 20:46)

the last book i read by john grisham was the summons..i thought it was absolutely third rate compared to his earlier classics like the pelican brief.. and i too wondered wether someone else wrote painted house sing his name!..
hope he gets back to the good stuff

>>By chits   (Sunday, 3 Aug 2003 17:37)

I just finished The King Of Torts and im dissapointed. The enging sucked it's like he just killed the person and that was it. I thought the book was okay they're were interesting bits but he didn't really follow them.

>>By soaps   (Monday, 29 Dec 2003 22:23)

I just read the Pelican Brief after hearing it was fantastic, and I thought it was horrid.

>>By raspberry_juice   (Thursday, 13 Jul 2006 04:46)

I tried reading The Firm a few years ago but I couldn't get into it. Not sure why. Maybe I should try again.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 7 Sep 2006 22:11)

Very good writer......enjoyed all of his writings.....not too predictable.....goes away from his normal self from time to time....have to give The Appeal a read....

>>By llehsal   (Monday, 17 Mar 2008 01:28)

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