Joan Lowery Nixon


I love to read her books because in most of them she writes them so detailed that it's like i'm there.

>>By Meg   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 00:46)

she a good writer and has a good personality

>>By anna lee   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 04:44)

I think that joan lowery nixon is the best writer that I have ever read books from. I have read Murdered My Sweet, The Name Of The Game Was Murder, Dont Scream, Secret Silent Screams, The Seance, And Many Many More Of Her Books And They Are All Very Interesting and Detailed! Good Job Joan Lowery Nixon!!!

>>By Amanda B.   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 03:50)

When I first read "If You Were a Writer" I was about 4 or 5. It was the first time I realized the the writer's world intrigued me and the most inspiring book I read as a child. I blame Nixon for my love of reading and writing and I believe every child should own a copy of "If You Were a Writer"

>>By Maribeth H.   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 00:00)

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