Joan Chittister


A Catholic mystic, Benedictine Sister, she writes of spirituality, both within and beyond
the church, as a means of self discovery and moving in the world from a personal vision point, deeply anchored in honest, and ruthless reflection of self, and church doctrine. Her work is perceptive, fearless, and joyful, written with an easy authority that
comes only from natural talent moving with an intelligent eye through the realms of thought and experience. She is a gentle marauder walking sure-footed through the dry
Stoic tangle of hollow trees and branches, long past any memory of a season when new and leafy hope grew green and living on their branches. Her words leave deep prints in the crusty earth, and new life unbends itself, reaching for the light that passed
over. She is a new song, in a strong voice. And thank God, the melody is up to date,
even danceable!

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