Jackie French


Cool, I started a new discussion!
Anyway, I love the Stories to Eat With (insert fruit, food, whatever) books.
I want to read In The Blood and Blood Moon, but they are not in libraries.
She lives in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
Pretty close to my home, which is, after all, at the foot of the Blue Mountains.
And, BTW, I'm talking about the Aussie one, not the American.

>>By just_slightly_insane   (Friday, 9 Jan 2004 12:39)

Diary of a Wombat is really funny!

>>By just_slightly_insane   (Friday, 9 Jan 2004 12:40)

I have now read In the Blood, and Blood Moon, and am waiting for the third one to come out.

>>By just_slightly_insane   (Saturday, 8 May 2004 07:47)

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