Irvine Welsh


i concur, having read "marabou stork nightmares" as well as "trainspotting". top drawer.

>>By mr. lee   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 12:57)

An amazing man.

>>By Cris   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 16:12)

It took me two novels of Irvine's ('Trainspotting' and 'Ecstasy...') to get used to the Scots diolect. It all started to become clear while reading '...Nightmares'.

>>By Mike   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 22:07)

i only just saw the film of 'trainspotting' the other night, and i have to say it didnt do the book justice at all. although it was a great movie, there was a lot more that could've been included to give some of the characters the depth they have in the novel.
all in all, a great piece of writing mr. welsh. i look forward to getting my hands on 'porno' now.

>>By Philip   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 12:09)

I've never read any Irvine Welsh before. Is Trainspotting the book as awful as the movie? Is he really THAT much of a Henry Miller rip off?

>>By Oscar H.   (Friday, 2 May 2003 19:59)

I loved Trainspotting. But now I have to write a 3500 word final essay on it (concerning the language, linguistic devices etc...) and I started to wonder... Anyone could help me?

>>By K   (Monday, 26 May 2003 00:30)

trainspotting had me in stitches,what a book,its good to know that theres at least one writer who aint afraid to tell it like it is,but not glamorise or take the moral high ground about drugs.

>>By aisha   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 16:11)

incredible author, extremely well-developed characters, just read glue. Manages to create a wonderful (fictitous) literary world by using his characters across his books

>>By dean   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:31)

i have tried to read 'trainspotting' but became uninterested because i found it hard to get past the harsh dialect. i am very interested in welsh's writing. does he have any books that are easier to digest?

>>By mrs. rosewater   (Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004 20:27)

Irvine Welsh is a genius. Trainspotting depicts a culture so accurately and with such a poignant rawness that it makes me cry every time I read it. It encompasses so much that I think its absolutely impossible to even begin to give a written analysis about the book. I've tried and failed, Its so difficult to know even where to begin. As i said, an absolute genius. Trainspotting is definately the best of his work, although the acid house is also good.

>>By sileas451   (Saturday, 29 May 2004 18:23)

I am impressed by how he used the 'Courting Disaster' chapter to reveal the books foal point; hegemony or choice. The reference to Keirkgaard was especially clever.

>>By cresser   (Thursday, 2 Dec 2004 02:46)

Do you really find the dialect that harsh? I'm scottish so I wouldnt really know. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess is written almost completely in a imaginary language, or slang rather, called nadsat. I found it really difficult for the first few pages, because the words are either russian or imaginary, but I found i could get used to it after a while. I thought that the same would be said for trainspotting. Do you all think the dialect is that difficult to get by? For me it makes the book, and the subculture he writes about - everything in his book is perfected to a T, its unbelievable. And genius.

>>By sileas451   (Tuesday, 8 Feb 2005 20:10)


>>By kudos   (Monday, 11 Apr 2005 05:53)

He is such a brilliant author, I've read almost all of his books but my favorites are, of course, Trainspotting, and Acid House.

>>By Wednesday   (Saturday, 8 Apr 2006 03:57)

I've read all of Welsh's books and recently completed his latest 'Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs'. I find his writing refreshing as it is like nothing I have previously read. I will say that you have to have an open mind and on some occassions a strong stomach! I did try to re-read Filth, but couldn't get past the first chapter or two, even though I had already read it.

Regarding the dialect, I think it is a bit tricky if you have just started reading any of Welsh's books, but stick with it, it soon becomes second nature.

>>By DancingMouse   (Wednesday, 5 Sep 2007 22:53)

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