Howard Phillips Lovecraft


Really enjoyed the Lovecraft stories "The Dunwich Horror" and "The Shunned House." Howard was a man years before his time and wrote stories that, when taken into context of the early years they were written, were as freightning as any penned to date. Some of his works made Poe look like Dr. Suess books.

>>By Gunslinger   (Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003 22:34)

Apparently "Shadow Over Innsmouth" inspired many of Metallica's songs such as The Thing That Should Not Be.

So that's one for me to read one day...

>>By ftad   (Sunday, 31 Aug 2003 13:22)

If there are any H.P. Lovecraft collectors out there...we are autioning off six 12x15" prints drawn and handsigned by Allan Servoss online from Nov 11-13th. For more information about this go to our website Thanks!!!!

>>By lovecraft602   (Thursday, 25 Sep 2003 19:24)

I think that h.p. lovecraft is one of the greatest authors of all time. His literary abilities were far more advanced than other writers of that time.

>>By RottenJohnny   (Saturday, 15 Nov 2003 01:37)

I am in the process of creating an H.P. Lovecraft page at
When completed it will contain a biography of Lovecraft and reviews of his major stories. At present I have a review of 'At the Mountains of Madness'. The rest is in the works. Any comments, questions, or suggestions you have would be helpful.

>>By lovecraftfan   (Thursday, 12 Feb 2004 00:50)

I find it rather dismaying that there has been no discussion here of Lovecraft's inimitable work for over two years. The man set trends in fiction that heavily effect stories of all type (movies, books, television) to this day.

>>By Breeze   (Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 11:37)

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